The Beginning of the Blog

Hello and welcome!

My name is Sean Escaravage and I am about to earn my degree in Fitness Development and Exercise Science at the State University of New York at Cortland. Being fit and functional for life has been my passion since the start of my college career, but sports and physical activity have been the focal point of my entire life. After being recruited and then cut from the previous college I attended, I was devastated and knew that was not the end. I was told I was too small, did not throw hard enough (as a pitcher), and would not fill out to compete at the college level. Hearing those words made me think about what I would have to do to change those factors, so I turned my attention to working out. At first I went in 110% and maybe put too much on my plate, but I soaked in as much knowledge as I could on how to get stronger. Watching Videos and interviews, reading articles and supplement reviews, getting in the gym to move weights around, and working on baseball specific exercises to improve my velocity started to positively impact my overall lifestyle. By January of the same academic year, roughly 4 months after being cut, I managed to gain roughly 15-20 pounds of fat and muscle, but my fastball velocity had increased 6mph! It was extremely rewarding when the same coach who cut me ended up tracking me down to ask me to come have a second tryout with the team, where I respectfully declined. My love for baseball is still monumental (I still play collegiality as well as attended professional scouting camps), but elevating my fitness and strength levels is the most rewarding experience day in and day out. My goal in life is to make others grow physically as well as mentally through functional training, adequate nutrition and exercise, and enhancing overall daily life. Plain and simple, easy for some yet hard for others; everyone has “boundaries” in life that just need a specific way to be broken down.I intend this site to be a knowledge resource for strength advice, mobility or recovery philosophies, food and diet options, battling stress, motivation, the list goes on…enjoy!

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