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Article Review: “Stronger Lats for Stronger Lifts”


Grab a cup of coffee, a hearty nutritious breakfast, kick your feet up and get ready to make some knowledge gains! In my usual morning routine, I’ll take about an hour to read through some articles and blogs to get my mind firing, and make some notes on what peaks my interests: Eric Cressey, Tony Gentilcore, Onnit, Breaking Muscle, and miscellaneous news articles usually. While recovering from my SLAP labrum tear, the recovery process is long, tedious, and to put it plainly, shitty in so many ways possible. The loss of mobility, stability, strength, movement in everyday activities, no sporting events. On top of that, I couldn’t put a t-shirt on normally until almost 2 months after surgery, like c’mon! One morning, an article by Mike Dewar on Breaking Muscle caught my attention. Mike is an assistant strength and conditioning coach at NYU, founder of J2FIT, and a few other brands developed for the enhancement of the fitness community. ‘Stronger Lats for Stronger Lifts’ was written to help develop a bulletproof upper back, making a huge difference in performance and injury prevention. At the time I read this, it was important to throw this into my routine to strengthen my rhomboids, traps, lats, and scapular strength (since I am still recovering from labrum surgery, ew). Personally, I felt most development in improving the motion of my scapula (pro-/retraction, depression/elevation & rotation), strengthening lower and middle traps, and improving my stability on overhead lifts. Here is a link to the article, I definitely recommend to give these exercises a try and implement them into your weekly routine, or to help benefit your students! Happy reading!

Link to the article —-> unlock ultimate gainz now


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