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Yeah, I Got Skills. Or, I Used to At Least…

Perishable Skills v. Non-Perishable Skills

The experiences and situations we have molded the abilities we learn to become more proficient at. Some skills are ‘non-perishable’, meaning you can recall them after a long period of not using them. “It’s like riding a bike” is the most prevalent example.Other skills like swimming, penmanship, or swimming may not be 100% perfect, but the integrity and competency of how to do it still are perfectly intact.
Now, what about ‘perishable skills’? Driving, Action sports, mathematics/grammar/chemistry, marksmanship. The fluency of mind-body connection diminishes over time if they are not used. These skills tend to have a greater mental component, and fall under a “use it or lose it” principle. Since we are continuously gathering new information to upgrade our human software (a.k.a. advancing your brain), the emphasis is placed on those that are continuously being utilized and practiced, in an attempt to rough out the edges and become more proficient in a shorter time frame.
We don’t just throw away or delete what we have learned from our brain, they might have some dust on it and need a few new updates or upgrades. Once INTENTION and ATTENTION for the skills that you want to polish are established, COMPETENCY and CONFIDENCE will be on the forefront of being restored.

But what about fitness?

What can movement skills be, perishable or non-perishable? Why is it so tough for me to learn a squat now if I used to be good at them when I was younger?
I’m sure you want to know how exercises and body movements fit into these groups. And if you want to decrease physical limitation, the first step is recognition and assessing there something holding back. But the second is to create or find an action plan that works for you to achieve those outcomes…
I will shed some more light on this Friday, July 21. Make sure to check your news feed to view the post then!

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