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3 At Home Positions to Reduce Low Back Pain


I had taken over a month off from any challenging deadlifts, spending a majority of my efforts running, swimming, and swinging the mace. But there’s a feeling of empowerment when you have the ability to feel strong; You feel a change in your body language, becoming more relaxed yet laser focused. Taking deep breaths and visualizing success in the presence of challenge. Absorbing the silence and zoning in, or feeling uplifted by the noise and support; the atmosphere of those moments give me goosebumps just thinking about them.

But this day was a little different, and I didn’t feel 100% myself, both in strength and in spirit. But I convinced myself otherwise, ignored that intuition and proceeded to slap some more weight on the bar, grit my teeth, and do the work. Well, I put myself in a poopie spot because those overzealous deadlifts brought about some SI and low back pain, and discomfort I could not shake…crap.

How often do you find yourself ignoring that subconscious thought of better judgment? When the “better” choice does not directly align with what we want, we use that as an excuse to push it off, choose otherwise, or ignore that notion altogether. Will the “bad” decision always sabotage you? No, not entirely. But wouldn’t it be easier and more effective to turn away from the unfavorable to set yourself up for more success?


My inner meat-head voice on one shoulder spoke louder than my mindful mechanics’ voice on the other, and I’m stuck in an uncomfortable pickle. That type of mindset does not align with my personal training philosophy, but especially the opposite of my coaching philosophy. But part of being a human is making mistakes, learning the elements of why I made that choice, and doing my best to avoid replicating it.

The reason I love making mistakes during my training is so I don’t make them for my students. Now, I’m not saying I’m throwing a fiesta for getting injured, but it is a perfect opportunity to take those few steps back, assess what the situation brought, and the best ways to avoid it from happening again. It’s like a guinea pig experiment on myself, but the roles of scientist, test subject, analysis, and resolution are performed by the entire Orca Empire coaching team. By constantly applying, assessing, and adjusting, we can continuously deliver the best coaching experience possible.

Tweaking your back is not fun. It makes sitting, standing, bending, or even walking uncomfortable, and can sometimes consume all of your attention. Going to seek a health/movement specialist is great to obtain a clear answer to get a better diagnosis, but there are some ways to alleviate some of that discomfort on your own! These 3 poses are great to alleviate hip/low back pressure and pain, give them a try!

1) Sphynx: Lie on your stomach, and prop yourself up onto your forearms, align elbows underneath the shoulders. Press your palms and tops of feet firmly into the floor, and press your pubic bones forward (lower belly/hips). Peel your shoulder back to broaden your collarbones, and deepen your breath. You will begin to feel some sensations in the lower back of healing, but if it is pure discomfort, bring your chest closer towards the floor. For this pose, hold 1-2 minutes based on comfort.


2) Childs Pose: Knees can be touching one another, or just wider than your hips (shown). begin in a tabletop like position on palms and knees. Press into the base of your palms as you begin to lengthen your spine towards your heels. Allow the forehead to drop towards the floor while your arms are reaching through the floor overhead. Deepen your cycles of breath and allow your lower back to decompress from being supported by your thighs, creating space among the vertebrae. Breathe comfortably through this position for at least 2 minutes.


3) Thread the Needle: [[This can be substituted for Pigeon pose if you lack prerequisite range of motion, or if it bothers your knee]] Lie on your back, both knees bent and feet flat to the floor towards your butt. Bend the right knee and with the foot flexed (toes toward knee) create a ‘Figure Four’ position with the outer right ankle on the lower left thigh above the knee. Lift the left foot into the air, drawing your lower half towards your chest. Thread the right hand through the opening between the legs, and draw the left shin into your body. If you don’t have the current ability to snake your hands that far, you can bring both hands to the back of the left thigh. Hold for about 2 minutes then repeat on the opposite side.


Nobody is invincible. The weak points in our armor can be exposed when we least expect it, causing a potential domino effect of issues. But you are able to maintain control of what happens after the fact; simply take a step back to remain moving forward.

If you spend a long day standing or sitting, use these 3 movements before going to bed to help release some tension!

Wishing You Great Strength and Health,

Coach Sean


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