3 Ways to Avoid Bullshit in Health and Fitness

What if there was a place where…

Everything you heard was true,

Everything you saw was authentic,

Everything you consumed was robust, and

Everything you felt was comfortable…

Day in and day out, hundreds of thousands of people exercise their senses at a subconscious level. It would be way too much work to try and controlling our 5 senses when we need them, they require a mega-sized instruction manual as to how they operate. I mean think about it;

We don’t need to think about the process vision when the light hits the front of the eye and is send the image through the retina focused by the cornea that transfers the image into electrical impulses for our brain to process from the optic nerve and send back in the form of a picture. We just open our eyes, look around, “ooh-ahh”, and make our way along.

We don’t (always) question how or why we have these amazing abilities as human beings, sometimes it’s best to go with the flow. But what about when the feelings or sights you see cause discomfort? Pain? Weakness? A lost sense of self?

We are really great at recognizing and adapting to the shifting environment around us, but there is ONE thing we are not the best at;

Getting In Touch With Yourself

Now whatever funky touching yourself you do in private is great, keep those a secret for today. What I mean is how to become more aware of YOUR body, as in YOU!

Every day, hundreds of coaches train thousands of clients. Many have the best possible intentions, but great intention must be followed by the best coaching practices. Without that compatible pair, a breach in your armor can be revealed. The exposure to aches, faulty movement patterns and unideal results can be knocking on the door, pushing their way in.

With the plethora of access to information, functionality promoting activities, “health hacks”, and others, we seem to be at a disadvantage when it comes to spine health. ..

We have learned from our own and others, consistently evolving away from this trend.The fitness community we are happy to be a part of has been taking leaps and bounds to create a safe, enjoyable, and legitimate training experience for all. The freedom of movement should be a right, not a privilege!. But we need your help to keep the trend going! With that, hopefully, by the next review, the data will be flipped on its head, showing a positive trend for change.

So… What are 3 big issues when it comes to having a pleasant experience with positive lifestyle adjustments? 


 1. Misleading Information on the Internet

That “plethora of access to information” I mentioned above fits the bill here perfectly. There is a balance between believing and totally putting off what you might see, hear, or learn. The internet is where many find fitness information, exercise guides, the latest diet, and can virtually search for whatever else pops into your brain. But be cautious to not fall in love with everything you see and hear.


Funny overweight man flexing his muscle isolated on white backgr

2. Unqualified Coaching Advice

Fitness Expert Joe Schmo from down the road might have some fancy letters at the end of his name, indicating his certification from one of the industries trusted organizations. Simply having the information in your brain does not equate to being a great coach who can solve your dilemma. Mr. Schmo can be a phenomenal personal trainer as far as helping get you jacked as hell, or shredded for summer, but that won’t mean he can soothe and work around your aching spine (or any other ache/ailment, for that matter). There isn’t one fitness industry professional who has the answer to everything., we are a community. Find a therapist, coach, or a highly reputable source to treat your body right. The method that works for his last client does not automatically mean it can fast track your results. As individuals, we all require individual methods and modifications on a consistent basis; you are always evolving, and you deserve a program that is aware of your needs, wants and abilities throughout that journey.


3. No One Size Fits All Approach

If you aren’t sure of your shoe size (for some odd reason), but you must buy those new shoes without trying them on, what do you do? After doing a bunch of research on customer reviews, different colors, shipping costs and lowest price seller, all that’s left is to figure out how to get them on your feet! Well, there are a few options to get those new shoes:

  1. Wait until you are able to try them out before investing
  2. Take a really good guess what you think you need
  3. Ask for a recommendation
  4. Buy all the sizes and keep the one that fits best

Waiting until you try them on is the best option, but since you need them ASAP, that approach won’t work for you. Or by remembering what you’ve worn in the past, you can take a good guess and hope you get it right, but there is always the chance of being disappointed with an empty wallet and a pair of shoes too small. What about asking for a recommendation? They might fill you in on what size they were, and what fits best for them, hell, maybe even they convince you to choose a different type completely! And the most irrational and expensive, yet foolproof option is to obtain everything possible and then get rid of what doesn’t fit your needs. Many don’t have the luxury of spending hundreds and hundreds of bucks on a shoe wardrobe guessing game,  but if for some reason you are able to, I’m a size 11, and I love earth tone colors.

“No offense, Sean, but what the hell does picking out a pair of shoes have to do with my health?”

When choosing a gym, coach, fitness center, doctor etc., you have the same options before you buy.Let’s go through the same four options, but instead of ‘shoe sizes’, plug in ‘wellness facilitator, personal trainer, coach, etc.’

Wait until you are able to try them out before investing

See if they have a free class or introductory membership before signing your life away on some membership contract. They might be the ‘Best One-Hour Workout in the Country‘, but if that training style isn’t what your body is calling for, then it is not the best for you right now. Think of it like test driving a car, you want to make sure you are a enjoy the experience as much as the investment is worth.

Take a really good guess what you think you need

Nothing like giving it the sure fire guess and check method (it worked way better high school math). If you do not know what you want (fat loss, strength gain, autonomy, skill development) then how could you expect a non-mind reading human to show you the map to get there? It is absolutely okay to NOT know HOW you are going to get there, that is where the health professional comes into play. But the biggest step in choosing the correct vehicle for your journey to awesomeness is to have a WHY behind your search. This gives the opportunity to create clear action steps and plan, plus creates a common understanding between you and your coach as to where you want to end up.

Ask for a recommendation

“You are the average of the five people you most associate with”. Like-mindedness is what brings friendships closer together and also can cause them to drift apart. Being on the same mental wavelength as someone you are similar with shows similarity of interests and beliefs (to an extent). If you have a close friend or colleague who thinks their facility is the absolute best, it might be worth looking into. As long their love is not just based on a superficial reason like shiny new equipment, physically attractive coaches or members, I would say to definitely take their experience into consideration; it’s like a product review, but from someone you genuinely know and can trust.

Buy all the sizes and keep the one that fits best

Dabbling in Pilates, kickboxing, yoga, boot-camp, CrossTraining, swimming, sports, and a running group is enough to fill anyone’s plate. The truth is, trying new forms of body movement are great, and I am a huge supporter of it! But when, how and where is most important to bring into the same conversation. Being influenced by so many different philosophies can be beneficial, but just as easily counterintuitive. And since the coaches/instructors aren’t aware what else you are doing outside of your time with them, your chance to burn the candle at both ends is highly likely. When searching for the right type of fitness, you want a set of individuals that are passionate and can share with you the best forms of movement you need, whether you know it or not. “The best exercise program” does not justify how good it will mesh with your body. Instead, listen to which gym will create the best program and experience for you specifically.


Wishing You Great Strength,

Coach Sean


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