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T³ #001: Build Your Pace Over Time, Or You’ll Run Out of Fuel

This Week, On Trail Tip Thursday…

Learning and controlling how to pace yourself can be one of the tougher aspects of running. It takes time to feel what running speed feels right for you when looking to avoid gasping for air like a fish out of water (that lunge on fire feeling isn’t too fun).

At the start of a run when your legs feel fresh, keeping a quicker than usual pace is pretty easy to achieve. The only problem is, holding that pace for too long, causing a spike in heart rate, the speed of breathing, and in a little while could have you pretty tired with a long way to go. Does this sound like a familiar picture? Don’t worry, we’ve all had our fair share of emptying the tank too soon, even if by accident, but what way are you going to try and avoid it next time around?

Move Slowly, Then Build it Up Over Time

If you try and run at your hardest pace right from the start, you will spend all of your energy too early on. To find a pace you can comfortably hold, choose a phrase to repeat in your head (or out loud, if you want to scare other travelers) that you can recite in one breath. Something simple such as, “Hello my name is ____” without sucking the wind through a straw, or having to adjust your breathing tempo is a good indication that your body can handle maintaining that speed without overexertion. This will help keep some extra energy in your back pocket when it comes time to climb a hill, race to the finish, or simply choose to pick up some speed.

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