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The 3 Essential Fitness Tools to Fuel Your Adventurous Lifestyle

Your typical gym routine lacks purpose, and you might just be wasting your time.

Talk about a bold statement to start, eh? Now let me clear that up real quick before you say, “who the hell does this ginger headed kid think he is? Telling me my goals don’t matter, I go all the time and work hard”. On top of training outdoors and here at Orca, I am a member of a local ‘box’ gym, home to tons of weight plate machines, a dumbbell rack, some free moving equipment, cardio section,  add-on group classes, and some ooh-aah things. But each time I go, I always learn something new about what exercises and movements that are not conducive to making your life better!


Your time is valuable,

So your training needs to have a clear purpose so you can gain improvements that are relevant and make you feel empowered. With the fast-paced and chaotic lifestyle, many feel they live, your body needs to be prepared to face those rigors any day, and usually, it’s most of them. Sitting on a chest press, cable pulldown, and leg extension machines won’t develop a strong and healthy body. What they will give you are some muscles and non-transferrable skills. What gym equipment will prepare you for challenges life brings you each day? Ditch the gym equipment, and start using fitness tools designed to help you become a stronger, more resilient (kickass) human being.

Adventurouswilling to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences. full of excitement.

You need a fitness experience that helps you sustain adventure. And how you might ask? By experiencing unconventional methods that are designed to improve your ability to live with more comfort, discovering more strength, energy, and confidence. Those fitness tools exist, and these three I am about to share are only a few among many available that can bring about those adventurous traits. The Kettlebell, Steel Mace, and Sandbag are the three I include our culture here at Orca Empire Fitness, as well as my training sessions every week. Want to enhance your ability to be adventurous? Here are The 3 Essential Fitness Tools to Fuel Your Adventurous Lifestyle.



Looking for a new way to enhance your movement? Crunched on time? Limited on your floor space? Tight on a budget? Well, look no further than your new favorite fitness tool. The kettlebell’s popularity in the U.S has been growing rapidly, but its roots span back a few hundred years in Russian culture. What makes the kettlebell unique, especially when compared to dumbbells is its versatility and asymmetrical design. Kettlebell training has tons of benefits and can be scaled for someone just training for the first time, the elite athlete, or anywhere in between. They develop power, explosiveness, & coordination when doing movements such as a kettlebell swing, clean, snatch, or even throws. Most notably, they strengthen your posterior chain like none other. Those are your hamstrings, glutes,  lower and mid back muscles (helping avoid low back injuries and create a bulletproof spine).

Kettlebell training is extremely efficient, meaning you can get an intense, full body workout in a short period of time that will greatly increase your overall strength and endurance; the perfect one-two combo! It is low impact on your body, so you can upgrade your ability to run, hike, and play with your kids for hours on end with a lower risk of ankle, knee, or hip injury.

If you’re interested to learn more about the kettlebell and what it has to offer, follow this link ⇒ From Russia to the U.S.; Welcome to Kettlebell Training

Steel Mace


“In the real world, loads are rarely ever perfectly balanced. You juggle kids, your groceries, and imperfectly balanced boxes. Steel maces were originally developed by the Persian Warrior Elite for real world combat and wrestling…

With an extremely disproportionate weight displacement, many normal movements prove quite challenging and beneficial to the myriad of stabilizer muscles surrounding our joints and primary power centers. The mace is one of the most effective ways to build core and rotational strength, and is a steel testament to one’s desire to take fitness back to its primal roots.” – Onnit Academy

If that isn’t an astounding introduction, I don’t know what is! You might have never heard of a Steel Mace, but this tool is unmatched when it comes to creating an unparalleled awareness of movement quality through full-body engagement.

The Steel Mace challenges you to radiate tension throughout your entire body. A “lower body” or “shoulder” exercise now becomes a full-body experience, connecting the dots in your human movement kinetic chain unlike any other. By creating that tension, your ligaments, tendons, and muscles in your hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulder girdle will become stronger, resilient to fatigue, and eradicate dysfunction. It’s offset load challenges the stabilizing structures in your body, which will not only improve your balance but also your concentration and attention to minor details.

When I first saw this, I was more impressed by the “shiny-new-toy-to-play-with”  mindset, I had no idea how unique its demands were and instantly was put into check. The fact this pretty light piece of steel can make me sweat hard, gain muscle, improve my range of motion, and develop a stronger core makes it far more unique than any other tool I’ve come in contact with so far; you can even ask my students in the POD, they’ll agree! Before going out and buying one to just experiment with on your own, for safety and proper technique tips, I recommend finding someone who has some experience first. I’m proud to announce I am an Onnit Academy Steel Mace Specialist (OASM), being the second of only two specialists in New York State. Drop in for our #FreeWorkoutFriday to experience it for yourself!

(This short segment won’t do justice for all of the benefits the Steel Mace can offer, so stay tuned for an upcoming breakdown of what this thing is and how to use it best)


The versatility of the sandbag allows you to hold, throw, carry, drag, swing, and slam it any place at any time. Plus, sandbags are a cheaper, space friendly alternative to a Barbell for your home gym for movements such as a Deadlift, Squat, Cleans and Presses. But if offers unstable (but controllable) feedback since the sand within it is constantly shifting with each movement. Just like the everyday environment you step foot on, there is unpredictability where your body is forced to adjust, and realign to keep your balance.

Think about all of the rocks and roots you step on traveling through the woods or the difficulty walking through the sand with your beach gear. Even carrying boxes down from the attic and when walking on slippery surfaces, the sandbag can help improve your ability to be more stable and supple in everyday scenarios. One big difference between a Sandbag and Barbell is that the hand placement is not as convenient, training your hands and wrists to search for the best places to hold on for the ride. If you are on a budget, you can even construct one of these on your own with some play sand and a rucksack!



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