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T³ #002: The Magic of Fighting Through the Yuck

This Week on Trail Tip Thursday…

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You are consistently faced with the decision to just stop. What is the purpose of busting your ass and putting so much intense stress on the body? It is so much easier to stop and walk, or not even go out in the first place. There can be a perpetual internal dialogue with each step you take. But among the conversation that can pull your focus away from the task at hand, there is a new phrase that ran through my mind so intensely my last long run, It became my fuel for the final few miles;

What happens if you stop?


But what happens if you keep going?



I don’t want it to seem cliché, but ‘everything’ is unique to you, in that moment.When put into a position of extreme discomfort, the yuck as I like to call it, that is where the magic happens. Are you willing to turn off the response to the calls asking you to just rest? But with your heart is racing so fast, legs wanting to bend and crumble with each step, regardless of how easy it may look with a more clear focus, each step you are building momentum with a decision to create greatness. But at the moment, all you can think is, “right now this really fucking sucks, and I want to be done with it. When can I be done with it?” You can be done with it whenever you want, you are in control of yourself. I mean really, can anyone legitimately keep you from stopping? Is there an invisible or physical force preventing you from just moving on to the next thing, or just stopping anything?

Have you felt those feelings before? If you have felt some of that yuck, then I extend congratulations! I am so impressed and always love to hear others stories about their experiences with that internal battle when faced with a difficult situation or challenge. Being a movement practitioner, every single day I come in contact with amazing individuals who want to improve something about themselves or their situation.

When you are having thoughts about stopping, just keep telling yourself the destination is just a quarter mile away. One step after another, after another, eventually you will get there. It is just a matter of how quickly you want to achieve that feat. Today, my legs were not happy with anything I was doing. I was a bit overzealous on just my second time out with poles, so my efficiency is not too great with them yet.

(These trekking poles are collapsible, which allows me to tuck them into my Salomon S-Lab hydration vest when traveling flat ground, downhill, or on terrain that I don’t feel I need them. I’m still getting the hang of assembling and breaking them down while still moving, so I am forced to almost stop at the moment)

Because I felt like I could fly with those poles, I tarnished the most fundamental principle of trail running, which was also the focus for my last Trail Tip Thursday.


Build Your Pace Over Time Or You’ll Run Out of Fuel

Pace yourself for the demands of what lies ahead of you, or you be fighting those feelings of waving your white flag earlier than anticipated. If it is a route or trail you have been on before, installed into your human hard drive is the response your body has had to it in the past; be sure to try and extract, observe, and prepare properly from that information BEFORE you get ahead of yourself.

The Big Takeaway

Regardless of experience, distance traveled, or how fast you are going, each step holds an opportunity to discover something within you, and how much effort you can put forth.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed this week’s Trail Tip Thursday! If you want to stay up to date with my coaching, writing, and personal thoughts, be sure to follow me on social media! Thank you for your support.



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