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Fall is Upon Us; Here’s Why Your Shopping Plan Should Change With The Seasons

Don’t Let this abnormally warm weather fool you. Fall is among us.

The temperature is dropping, meaning the change of seasons is about to be among us! Over the past hundreds of years as our ability to encounter foods developed, we became accustomed to utilizing the food available at certain times of the year. Our ancestors did not have the luxury of shipping fruits and vegetables across the globe (or even grown with artificial help) to eat during the winter season, they simply had to go without…
As delicious as it was to indulge in watermelon, peaches, and pineapples during the hot summer season, our stomach and digestive system were not programmed to come in contact with those foods when they are not grown naturally in season. What does that mean for us? If we aren’t careful, we can upset and even damage your gut microbiome; the police force guarding the delicate lining of your stomach and digestive tract against bad bacteria, harmful ingredients, and inflammatory foods. 

So what is the best way to upgrade your internal armor? Stick to consuming the foods locally available to you during the months of the year.

Eat the Seasons‘ is an online resource educating people on the movement of understanding and promoting the food seasons, for the body, economy, and environment.
Their web page is a great resource to search for what types of produce, nuts, meat, and seafood are best consumed depending on the month of the year. Below I’ll link to the next few months (and the last one since October just began) to their recommendations, I encourage exploring their easy to navigate site!

“… Whenever a particular ingredient goes out of season, you can guarantee that another delicious food has come back into season to tempt us all. Ultimately, Eat the Seasons is about enjoyment, not abstinence. But people who are interested in food quality and have an awareness of when certain ingredients are at their best will, quite naturally, end up eating MORE of the foods in season and LESS of those shipped half-way around the world.

Of course even when a food is in season its quality can vary dramatically. Food produced locally, e.g. bought from a farmers’ market, is likely to be a lot fresher than its supermarket equivalent. Meat produced with respect for the animals concerned will inevitably be far superior to intensively-reared animals that are likely to have spent pitiful lives in abhorrent conditions. “

This is not to try and make your shopping experience, or your relationship with food more complicated. Rather than viewing this as “another thing to learn about the already complicated nutrition”, think of it is simplifying it instead. You are removing choices out of the equation by eating the foods you are meant to eat given the time of year; saving your wallet from an over-abundance of food, your mind with less decision-making fatigue, and your body by giving it what it silently craves.  a rockstar grocery store detective, and not before long

Put some of these tips into action and become a rockstar grocery store detective! On top of this, here are a few more resources I’ve written in the past to add to your nutrition knowledge vault!




The Key Takeaways

  • When the Seasons Change, So Should Some of the Food You Eat
  • Your Gut Micro-Biome Acts as Defense Against Inflammation From Foods and Bacteria in Your Digestive System; Keep Them Happy and Healthy
  • Eat the Seasons Guide to What Foods are in Season
  • Simplify Your Shopping, Avoid Over-Complicating


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