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The Most Powerful Approach to Fight Fat You Need to Know

It’s Not Your Fault

Some of the hardest habits to change are the ones we barely recognize we do. Even more than that, they are the ones we have no intention of changing them because “there is nothing wrong, why would I?”. The best way to maintain building the best version of yourself is to use each day for growth, learning, and evaluation. The current age of information provides the perfect platform to search or solve most question or dilemma within seconds! But the process of using and applying that quickly received knowledge is what takes some more time.

Nutrition Seems Really Hard, But It Doesn’t Need to Be

Everday is a new diet fad or nutrition hack, but I urge you to avoid the buzz and take miraculous claims with a grain of Pink Himalayan Sea salt. If you try to go cold turkey and flip a 180 in anything (nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, sleep, ect.) there is a chance for your body to freak out a little bit, creating some potential blowback. With that being said, please use these The Most Powerful Approach to Fight Fat You Need to Know and implement them at the same rate you can maintain them!

Please remember what I mentioned above. You can’t flip a complete 180-degree switch, so only take on the changes you can realistically handle in bite-sized chunks. That way, you just need to focus on one thing at a time and can avoid feeling overwhelmed with change.

So you have been obtaining a higher level of fitness over the past months? Hell Yeah! You’ve noticeably gained more strength and much more freedom in your daily movement? awesome! But despite all of that hard work, that external representation of fitness isn’t there yet? The sexy calves, abs, and lean appearance you envisioned haven’t shown through yet, and it keeps you up at night wondering what the missing piece is. Well, believe it or not, your “healthy diet” might not be as truly healthy as it may seem.

Certain Foods Cause Massive Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s way of letting you know something unfavorable is going on, and repair is trying to take place.

Just like if you fall and hit your elbow hard, or jamming a finger, they become inflamed as a result of the trauma. But did you know many of the foods you eat can cause that same inflammation inside the body?

Yes! Foods that have a High-Glycemic Index are most responsible for this inflammation. Inflammation within the body can lead to poor performance, low energy, fat deposition, chronic fatigue, weight gain, and a host of other potential illnesses.

High Glycemic foods that cause a rapid increase in blood sugars from ingestion of the food. This spike contributes to inflammation within the body, poor physical or mental performance, fat deposition, chronic fatigue, weight gain, and a host of other potential chronic illnesses.

The lower the glycemic index number, the less of an impact it has on your blood sugar, and the opposite for a high glycemic number. Luckily there is a giant library database, hundreds of pages that ranks foods and ingredients on this GI scale, taking out the guesswork of being a mad scientist solving the riddles of food. This might seem obvious, but notorious for the onset of inflammation rank near the high end of the GI list. They include;

  • Muffins
  • Cookies
  • Scones
  • Biscottis

“No duh Sean, I know that muffins and cookies are not the best options. I don’t eat those, so what’s the issue then?” Well, if you avoid those on a regular basis, maintain that positive habit. But there are many not so obvious culprits that are just as dangerous such as;

  • Pastas
  • White Rice
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Gatorade/Powerade
  • Brown Rice Syrup (main component of ‘healthy’ granola & energy bars)

One of the main common traits among bad foods at the top of the list is that they are carbohydrates low in fiber!

If you want to search that library I was talking above, the link can be found here.

A Quick Flow Chart on Hyperglycemia

Low Fiber Carbohydrate Consumption  Inflammation Internally  Decreased Resistance/Sensitivity to Insulin  Less Sugar Used for Exercise Sugars Left in the Bloodstream Dumped into Liver Converted into Fats to be Stored Influences High Triglycerides A Whole Lot of Bad Shit Keeps Happening 

By overconsuming the high glycemic foods, your body becomes less likely to use the sugar you have stored for exercise and is more likely to let it circulate in the bloodstream. While it is traveling along, the sugars keep circulating until it see’s the big ‘VACANCY’ sign where your liver will then take it in, and want to turn it into fat.

Another result of hyperglycemia is Leptin Resistance. Leptin is an appetite-regulating hormone. You can’t hear the body’s cries that it is full, and you have a loss of control with appetitive and consumption. You get full, contributes to weight gain, and carbohydrate cravings

The third issue with hyperglycemia is the body’s immune system is in a state of high alert (due to high circulating insulin levels). This can cause you to become sick more easily because your body is less worried about stopping germs and more focused on dealing with this surplus of sugar. Think of it like when the local police force is helping a construction zone with traffic, maintaining order at a town event, or something where many officers are asked to help at one place. That means danger on the roadways could increase because their attention is directed somewhere else, lowering the ability to “do their job” to maximal ability (this is not a bash on law enforcement, just an example to relate to).



The Key Takeaways

  • One Piece to Change at a Time; Make it Manageable and Realistic
  • High Glycemic Foods Cause a Spike in Blood Sugar Levels = Stored as Body Fat = Bad
  • High Glycemic Foods are Responsible for;
    • Inflammation in the Body, Poor Performance, Low Energy, Fat Deposition, Chronic Fatigue, Weight Gain, and a Host of Other Potential Illnesses
  • Follow This Link to Search the Glycemic Index Database to Learn Which Foods are Better to Control Your Blood Sugars
  • Your Body Has a Tolerance Threshold for How Much ‘Crap’ It Can Consume

What Can You Do Now

Start by replacing foods that have a HIGH glycemic index with LOWER ones. That will DECREASE inflammation, weight gain, and the other symptoms I mentioned throughout this article.

But as you take away and add in different foods, really hone in and recognize if it is making you feel different. It won’t happen instantly, but over the course of some weeks, really attempt to recognize if your body feels better! To get you headed in the right direction, follow the link above in the ‘Key Takeaways’ section to view and search a library of the glycemic index of foods and start substituting today easily; Your body will thank you!


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