“What does your current training look like?”

“What does your current training look like?”

As a coach, this is one of the first questions I ask any potential new student at Orca Empire. What they are currently doing allows me to presume their aerobic ability, body awareness, movement restrictions/freedoms, and relationship with fitness as a whole.
There needs to be a method behind your movement.

Before I delved into this field, I never had a method when I was training my first year in college. My goal was, “How much can I deadlift? How much can I squat? How hard could I throw a baseball?” and that was the motive behind my training; what a poor model that was.

When in search of a result or goal, you need to identify where you are now, and where you want to be headed…then you fill in the blanks to develop a path to lead you there. I never gave myself the chance to assess my current training and ask myself that question; I had an end goal, and just tried to do those goals over, and over, and over again until I got what I wanted.

In case you were going to guess, it didn’t work… and in learning from my mistakes as a human, I want to avoid them as a coach. Each part of the programming developed for Orca Empire has a method, principle, or purpose.

“In one hour, what will bring the most benefits? Aiming to achieve a balance between stressing the body enough to change, then allowing it time to recover. Pair that with real-life skill development without sacrificing the quality of training and feelings of efficacy and we are headed in the right direction.”

Before writing up any “plain old workout”, this question statement stirs in my brain. Exercise is much more than breaking a sweat and gaining some muscle; it is connecting to your body and having the physical and mental confidence to be prepared for any task or situation. If you want your body to feel and function well, then you must practice that each and every day.

Thank you for putting in the research to expand your appreciation of your body. By simply reading this, you are putting a huge effort into improving your quality of life in many different dimensions. If you want to stay up to date with my coaching, fitness, nutrition, and other body appreciation methods, be sure to follow me on social media!



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