Achieve an Attitude of Gratitude; 4 Tactics to Improve Productivity & Mental Clarity

Each day is an opportunity. It might sound cliche, but it is an absolute truth. Regardless of any variables, you could conceive, the mindset of exploring opportunity is universal for everyone to experience.

If you have children, before they walk out to the school bus at the start of this new school year, you holler, “Learn something new today,” or “Have a great day.” That seemingly simple phrase is subconsciously preparing them for those opportunities. Then they come home, and they are bursting at the seams with excitement to share their achieved success on a project and how they went outdoors in class and learned about the ecosystem in your town. And they want those feelings to return each and every day because it feels good; and you want nothing else but to ensure their happiness, joy, and opportunity to grow

But are you able to reward yourself by emitting the same belief and aspirations for yourself? I’m willing to bet, not nearly as often as you inherently wish…

There is never a “right time” to start something. Or “I’ll start next week” speaks the same as “I’m just going to push it off and avoid it…again”. What you really have is the present time, the opportunity to do this ‘thing’, and the choice to either turn away from it or dive in and run with it. Believe it or not, this opportunity that has appeared before you are not by accident or random chance. You have wanted this situation to come but were never too sure how or when it would happen, you just hoped it would. But now what?


In order to continue acting like a magnet for good fortune to happen, you need to keep setting yourself up for those same situations. How you might ask?

Through Mindset, Gratitude, and Consistency

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I can’t tell you how to do so, that is for you to discover within yourself. What I use for my daily rituals to help keep me sane (sort of) might not have the same effect on you. There isn’t one way to go about improving consistency, feeling moments of gratitude, or shifting into a positive mindset focus. If you feel like you are stuck in a rut and need some guidance, here are some things I do, plus some other tactics to help facilitate success;

  • Buy Yourself a Journal

    It can be blank pages to just get your thoughts on paper. Or it can be guided to help get your brain juices flowing with questions and a pre-planned setup. I enjoy the concept of the 5-minute journal, SELF-journal, and the Ink+Volt Planner. (If you’re looking to buy one, they definitely sell them cheaper than on the link I shared). If you want to save a few bucks,  below I’ll share the format for one of these journals so you can use their 5 questions in your own journal too. I personally use my 5-minute journal each day and enjoy the layout and simplicity of it (I do not have any financial affiliation with the company). They ask only 5 questions each day, 3 in the morning and 2 at night. A daily quote, and every 7th page (once a week) they provide a little weekly challenge to attempt.

unnamed (3)

  • Breathing & Walking

    Your daily dose of movement doesn’t need to be a sweat-burning-muscle-bound-barbell party. People, including myself at times, underestimate the power of walking. If you take the time to really slow everything down around you, that simple walk can be one of the most rewarding moments of your day for the mind and body. I enjoy listening to Podcasts on my walks, but if you choose a radio station, non-amped up party music, or even silence, it’s whatever feels best. Before, during or after work, it is a great way to clear the mind and refocus. And even if only have a 5-10 minute window, try to make it the most about you that you can. Take a slow, steady inhale as well as steady exhale, letting the breath rise and fall softly. By bring attention and focus to regulating how you are breathing, stress levels can drop, you can clear your mind more easily, you might even break a small sweat, and my favorite, you really can connect to how your body is feeling that day. By tuning out all of those day-to-day distractions and spending special time with you, it can become a little getaway when things tend to get rough or stressful.

  • Make E-Mails Wait For You

    Checking your phone before you’ve gotten yourself taken care of isn’t doing anyone favors. Checking e-mails or messages right away in the morning or very late at night might start the day off feeling overwhelmed or inhibit your quality of sleep. If it is that important to get in touch with you during those hours, a phone call is much more direct and efficient. Or you could set an email ‘auto-responder’ until you are available to be on call. Maintaining good business practice is important, but is it worth the expense of sacrificing a clear minded morning/night around the house? I don’t recommend clocking into work mode before you give yourself a “how am I feeling and thinking” today scan; it is easy to develop feelings of overwhelming and busy-ness with the former scenario.


  • Find Yourself a Gratitude Rock

    It doesn’t need to be a rock, per-say. This quote comes from the book, The Secret, revolving upon the power of the law of attraction, and how what you deeply say, think, and feel contribute to what you attract into your life. It is a symbol or idol you choose that can bring you back down to earth and remember what and who you are grateful for now. It can be used to slow down and remember the things that bring you joy after a long day where you feel like punching someone in the face because of pent up frustration. Or when nothing seems to be going your way and you’re down in the dumps, it serves to help recall all of the abundant and beautiful things in your life.

” I think everybody goes through times when they say “Things aren’t working right,” or, “Things are going bad.” Once, when there were some things going on in my family, I found a rock, and I just sat holding it. I took this rock, I stuck it in my pocket, and I said, “Every time I touch this rock I’m going to think of something that I am grateful for.” So every morning when I get p in the morning, I pick it up off the dresser, I put it in my pocket, and I go through the things I am grateful for. At night, what do I do? I empty my pocket, and there it is again.

I’ve had some amazing experiences with this idea. A guy from South Africa saw me drop it. He asked, “What is that?” I explained it to him, and he started calling it a gratitude rock. Two weeks later I got an email from him, in South Africa. And he said, “My son is dying from a rare disease. It’s a type of hepatitis. Would you send me three gratitude rocks?” They were just ordinary rocks I found off the street, so I said, “Sure.” I had to make sure that the rocks were very special, so I went out to the stream, picked out the right rocks, and sent them off to him.

Four of five months later I get an email from him. He said, “my son’s better, he’s doing terrific.” And he said, “But you need to know something. We’ve sold over a thousand rocks at ten dollars apiece as gratitude rocks, and we’ve raised all this money for charity. Thank you very much.”

So it’s very important to have an “attitude of gratitude” – Lee Brower

Take a moment to think of what tactics you use during the day to calm yourself down, put your mind at ease, or to make YOU a priority. These 4 tactics are not the “best” or “worst”, but they provide options to try and start bringing awareness to how you feel each day to try and maximize the good emotions, and minimize the bad ones. So today, I urge and challenge you to try at least 1 of these tactics, and stick with it for at least 1 week to see if it can make even the slightest difference in your day!


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