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The 5 F’s to Create Change That Lasts; and No, One of Them Isn’t “F**k It”

You discovered a time where each morning, afternoon and night, feeling like the best version of your potential exists.

With each favorable decision you make, you crack a smile and love how empowered it makes you feel.

You are unstoppable, regardless of whatever is going on around you. The habits you’ve built in allow you to enjoy life in all spectrums; your family, fitness, career, relationships, creativity, health, happiness…

And then you wake up.

If that doesn’t get you jazzed up, then close your eyes and try again!

The truth is, change has many negative connotations associated with it. It can feel tough, scary, or intimidating. But that is usually before actually undergoing changes. Your mind is really good at using its imagination for creativity and having breakthroughs. But at that same time, it can psych you out from achieving the most greatness you have within. Don’t think of the negative parts of change, focus on what you will gain to help propel you towards true fulfillment.

1. Engage in activities that are FULFILLING to create a positive change or experience

There is no doubt that spending 45 minutes on a piece of cardio equipment will cause you to break a sweat. But is that all you really want from fitness? You have an amazing human body, and it can do so much more than just tracking the calories you burned on a human-sized hamster wheel.

Simple and effective is always the best place to start. If you want some Minimal Time, Space and Equipment Fitness Guides, Easy Follow-Along Mobility Routines, or some direction on how to get headed in the right direction, send me a quick message here to open the door to physical freedoms.

If you are ready to go all in, Team Training at Orca Empire is like having your own Personal Trainer at just a fraction of the cost. With our small, intimate group coaching atmosphere, each training session is 100% customized to your goals, evolving skills, and making you feel empowered each time we meet.

2. Get the whole FAMILY involved in a healthy, sustainable lifestyle

Do you know what is even better than making healthy choices, feeling happier, gaining strength, and enjoying life? Doing the same thing with those close to you! Whether it is your kids, spouse, siblings, friends or parents, the ability to live and feel healthy is a timeless gift that keeps on giving.

For your parents; What was it they love doing when they were younger or had the ability to? Now, find something right along those same lines and help them feel young again and rekindle the spark of prosperity they may not have felt in years. Spending time in the park/nature exploring, reliving an experience, or even going out for a thrilling time; anything is better than nothing at all, and especially as you age, moving as often as possible can be the best form of medicine. Plus, it is a platform to learn some new things about them and create a stronger relationship.

For your children; Monkey See, Monkey Do. If you tell a kid what to do, sometimes they might do it, but many times they won’t.

“Eat your carrots and not just your sandwich”, “Stop watching so much T.V.”, “Go outside and play.”

The magic lies not in saying, but in doing. If you really want to teach them, it takes leading by example. What better way to remain accountable than having mini-you’s eager and ready to head outside to play, or spend time doing yoga, or help prepare a healthy meal to share? If they enjoy the activity, chances are that they will stick with it. By creating healthy habits that are NOT FORCED early on can help groove habits they can use to mold their future healthy lifestyle (and hopefully influence someone else too!)

Help empower your being by also empowering those around you. Very few people are “self-made”, so supporting loved ones who have a big part in your life will not only influence them to live better; it will have an even larger effect on your own.


Being involved with one another will not only develop measurable changes for your body, but the strength gained in your relationship with them is a reward much greater than any muscles gained or fat burned.

3. FORGET about past roadblocks, inhibitors, and potential blunders

Remember that video you watched above? My main man Joe relays the message to say f**k it to low points in your past, learn from it, and use that as building blocks to create the evolving masterpiece that is you. I guess I kinda lied in this blog title then, oops 🙂
If you wanted to develop a better relationship with a friend, filled with excitement, exploring and fun, would you hold a grudge against them because 4 years ago they stood you up on a night out? I really hope not, and although it might seem like a silly comparison, we hold grudges against ourselves for stupid things we did in the past. Unconsciously or deliberately, past failures and mishaps are now stopping you from spreading your wings. So what if you spent a long time suppressing your feelings with food or alcohol, did you learn how it made you feel in the long-term and want to shift your focus? Whatever your vice is, those skeletons in the closet are due to get cleaned out, and today is that time.

To get you headed in the right direction, and to be present in the actions, habits, and decisions you are making currently, here is a little exercise to try. And no, not a sweaty one, a mental one!

If you find yourself in a situation where you are not 100% committed to your decision, ask yourself these questions. You can write them down, say it in your mind, or even say it out loud if you need to. These are universal for any action or thought you have, and through practice, you can start to learn more about some of the ‘why’ that drive your favorable habits, and also the not so favorable ones. So before making a potentially mindless decision, ask yourself at least one of the following, and be brutally honest with yourself;

Will this choice bring me Long-Term Fulfillment or Short-Term Gratification?

Am I standing in my own Power, or am I trying to Please someone else?

Is this an act of Self-Love or Self-Sabotage?

Will this choice propel me towards an Inspiring Future, or keep me Stuck in the Past?

4. FOCUS on your “why?”

Behind your intentions lie your call to action. Whether you recognize it or not, all day every day there is a small tape recorder playing on repeat in your subconscious mind. What it says you might not even hear, but it is the driving force behind nearly all actions you carry out each day. When you want to create change that lasts, you need to deeply listen to that voice, decide if you like what it is saying, and then make a choice

a) let it continue saying what it is now, which will keep you on the same path

b) change the conversation, giving you the power to decide what you want it to say.

Hopefully choice ‘b’ is what you want to go with, and all I can say to that is hell yeah! You are now in the driver’s seat to create the changes you want. Once you have begun to reprogram that little voice, open your internal ears wide and soak it in. Within that little whisper is your ‘why’. Here is an excerpt from my first publication, ‘YOU’ journal

Your ‘why’ is your fire starter, your mantra, your driving force, your battle cry.

It is what gets you up in the morning to take on the day, or otherwise, you wouldn’t have a problem lying down, doing nothing for hours on end. Is it to provide for your children/family? The passion to advance your career? Make more money? Achieve maximal happiness? Think about what you use to start your daily fire each morning, and then keep it somewhere you can see it consistently as a reminder.

5. FORMULATE a plan that is realistic and attainable for your current self; then evolve it as you do

Beyond wanting and dreaming is obtaining and taking action. When confronted with the opportunity to change, one of two things happen. The first, and not so favorable, is achieving paralysis by analysis. You see all of the things you want and need to change, but it creates anxiety, fear, or doubt, so your ego and subconscious mind don’t want to even take that journey, leaving you in a rut.The second, and very common, is to go gung-ho, trying to put your lifestyle, habits, and routines in a 180° kickflip ollie McTwist in the most extreme way of doing things “right”. But rest assured, it will end up looking something like…


How long did it take you to get to this point you are at today? Most likely, it was the build-up of years (maybe even tens of years) of some crappy behaviors that have all started rearing their ugly head at once. I understand, and I applaud you for being so passionate about wanting change to unfold in your life, but it is a little more complicated than that.

You need to start small. One meal, one workout, one self-love session; just one day at a time. Once you compile a bunch of ‘one day’ wins, then begin to set slightly longer-term goals or mini-missions, like the workweek, or multiple weekends. You wouldn’t move a toddler from a tricycle to a dirt bike, and the same progression remains true when taking on new things in your life.

Just Focus on One Thing

At Orca Empire, we preach that statement, and it is extremely universal. Regardless of your situation, you hold the power to thrive, just focus on one thing at a time, and evolve from there as those “one things” become more automatic.

I hope this helps you launch into the right direction, but if you want specific plans and methods for your unique lifestyle, contact me here and we can consult!

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. To stay up to date with the latest coaching, nutrition, and body optimizing information, let’s connect on social media!



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