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T³ #011: When in Doubt, Roll it Out

This Week on Trail Tip Thursday…

dazle (13)

I’m highly confident your body would be a perfect, well-oiled machine if you could afford a massage every single week. But let’s be real, you need a way to massage your sore and achy muscles on your own time. Foam Rolling allows you to do that.

I love to think of it as, ‘A Poor Mans Massage’, and it really is! Every morning, I spend at least 5 minutes hitting some muscles that feel sore from a previous training session, and usually again before I dive into my workout that day (whether it is a run or not).

I previously wrote an in-depth article on

  • 5 Areas You Need to Target
  • Step-by-Step Instruction on Technique (yes there is a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ way)
  • Tips to Maximize Your Benefit When Using a Foam Roller

If you care about your body, I highly recommend taking 5 minutes to read the post and get started today; here is the link:

5 Simple Foam Rolling Tactics to Upgrade Your Body

Foam Rollers are extremely inexpensive for the value they can provide for years (here is an Amazon link).

If you have a specific pain point, tightness, or spot you don’t know how to loosen up, send me a message for a more specific approach.

I am always looking for new routes, running partners, and ways to increase my own enjoyment of the outdoors. Does this sound like you too? If you live near the Hudson Valley and want to meet up for an outing, reach out to me on social media and let’s make it happen! If you are further away but still want to enhance your outdoor adventuring, I might know someone in your area that can help guide you, and if not, I’ll do my best from here!

Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed this week’s Trail Tip Thursday! If you want to stay up to date with my coaching, writings, and personal journey, be sure to follow me on social media! Thank you for your support.



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