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Movement Flows to Feel Good This Time of Year

Don’t fall victim to the hustle and bustle of holiday drama this year. So you missed a workout, no big deal. But to compound that with binge snacking and loathing in a minor self-pity funk adds fuel to the fire. I’ve been there before, and trust me, I know how easy it can be to slide into those bad habits.

What you need to stay out of that is a set of consistent habits. Drinking enough water to be hydrated and push off hunger, being conscious of how much and what is going in as fuel, and some sort of movement every day. Ranging from stretching and breathing up to an all-out training day, give yourself the gift of health this season by committing to some form of movement every day.

To encourage this, here are some flows of mine I have done in the past. Please do not feel “required” to do everything I am doing here. This is my interpretation of how I wanted to move those days, so yours does not need to 100% match. However, please do try a few elements from each to explore movement maybe a bit more so than you currently do in your gym routine, or even just daily living. Feel free to follow these along and share them with anyone you think would enjoy seeing what fun positions your body can get into, or in need of a challenge. Thank you and happy holidays!

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