The Most Popular Core Exercise You’ve Been Doing Wrong

Everybody is on the hunt for a strong stomach. Even if a 6-pack isn’t on your to-do list, having a strong core can help reduce the prevalence of back pain, enhance your workout performance, improve to a more optimal posture, and much more. Thankfully this trend is on its way out, but common and outdated advice suggests to do crunches, sit-ups, or other flexion-based exercises to get ‘rock solid abs’. Thankfully, the fitness community has been evolving, and we know that there are far better ways to both strengthen and support the muscles of your core…which is composed of more than the abdominal muscles on the front of your body.

Muscles on the FRONT and BACK of your trunk/core should be included in a well-rounded training program to support a strong structure.

Utilizing the major muscle groups on both the front and back side of the body is an important concept to remember as a coach when developing a training program. Even as an avid gym-goer planning their workout for the day, knowing what can strengthen more efficiently and effectively without putting unwanted strain on your low back is an important tool in your toolbox.

One of the most simple but often misunderstood positions that can enable 360° of core engagement is a Plank. But there is more than meets the eye when simply holding this stationary position, and there could be more benefits you have not yet tapped into. To bundle this up in an easy to digest format here is a video covering a full breakdown of an Active Plank Technique. Be sure to try this out with me and practice before your next training session!

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