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T³ #012: Failing to Prepare = Preparing to Fail (Not Anymore!)

This Week on Trail Tip Thursday…

dazle (14)

After a short break for the holidays, welcome back to this weeks T³! I hope after last week, you made the inexpensive yet powerful investment in a foam roller to prepare your body for a run or training session. Or maybe you have used one to speed up recovery and eliminate lingering muscle soreness. If you missed out on that, here is a link to the previous T³;

T³ #011: When in Doubt, Roll it Out

Warming up can feel boring. I’ll be honest, there are many times I have tried to head out for a run without properly preparing because I just want to go go go! A proper warm-up adequately prepares your heart, muscles, mind, and joints for the rigors of running to full capacity. Imagine starting up your car and instantly trying to slam the gas pedal or drive up a big hill; your engine is cold and that leads to a decrease in performance, efficiency, and can be potentially dangerous to the mechanisms that lie under the hood. The same remains true for your body! Sometimes, trying to plan out a warm-up takes too much decision making, and there are a bunch of stabilizing, supporting tendons and muscles that can’t be activated with traditional stretches. You need a routine that will;

  • Elevate your heart rate to stimulate blood flow throughout your body; “warming up”
  • Bulletproof your ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders to take on each step with power and confidence
  • Activate the big muscles in your legs, glutes, and calves. These are your ‘powerhouse muscles’ that are responsible for taking each step.
  • Practice coordination moving front to back AND side to side, this will wake up your brain and strengthen your mind-muscle connection to perform even better in the moment.

For all of you, I have put together a Pre-Running routine that will fulfill all of those needs in less than 10 minutes! Spending a little more time before heading out on your run will decrease your chance of injury AND help maximize your performance potential too! Save this link to your phone’s home screen so you can pop it up any time you might need it, or share it with your running partner/community.

What does your warm-up look like? Are there movements, stretches, or routines you find work well for you? If so, let’s share; I always love to collaborate and find out what helps other feel and perform their best. Send me a message or share in the comments below!

I am always looking for new routes, running partners, and ways to increase my own enjoyment of the outdoors. Does this sound like you too? If you live near the Hudson Valley and want to meet up for an outing, reach out to me on social media and let’s make it happen! If you are further away but still want to enhance your outdoor adventuring, I might know someone in your area that can help guide you, and if not, I’ll do my best from here!

Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed this week’s Trail Tip Thursday! If you want to stay up to date with my coaching, writings, and personal journey, be sure to follow me on social media! Thank you for your support.



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