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Enjoy Yourself, It’s the Best Company You’ll Ever Have

Parents offer special advice whether we listen closely or not. Their insight and wisdom stems from experiences their children may not have been exposed to yet. Depending on how this lesson is presented to us can influence the reaction, and ultimately our receptiveness to that wisdom.

Since I am not yet a parent, I can only speak from one point of perspective. With that, the older I have become the better I became at opening my ears and letting go of the ego to learn and be receptive each opportunity I have [trying to at least].

Luckily, in that same time frame, I have stored a piece of each day with me forever through consistently journaling so I can recall lessons learned, habits that work, what I was doing, and others. Every so often, I turn back the pages to reflect on if I have learned both from external and internal lessons to either re-download of celebrate momentarily. This is what I learned today as I flipped through the pages and noticed my evening entry with a great reminder about being in control of your own self…

This past September was my fathers 49th birthday (with a full head of hair, I might add; thanks for the good genes dad). We were celebrating as we were in Florida in Disney World, I mean what’s better than “The Happiest Place on Earth” as a grown-up big kid?

Anyway, during this family vacation, my father turned to me and asked, “Are you enjoying yourself and your time here?”
I responded with, “Yes, of course, I hope you are too. “As he smiled, he simply said,

“Of course. I always enjoy myself and have a great time. What reasons do I really have not to?”

Not just while away on vacation or on a special day, but this resonated and to bring each day as a reminder. Momentary stressful situations, chaos, and poor choices can lead to feeling not so great. You can control how you feel and your level of enjoyment and happiness despite what may be stirring around you.

Others may strike influence, but try not to let them be the deciding factor on your being. Listen and acknowledge what they say, sure, but ultimately you are the only one who has control over how you feel. The external environment provides a platform for good, not so good, and in between to connect, be happy and whole. Your ability to enjoy and appreciate the moments you have are always within your grasp. Whether you think it is or it is not, either way, you are right; add to your life force, don’t subtract from it.

Thank you Big Sean for the continued lessons learned even that I am “an adult who thinks he knows a lot”.


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