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How to Actually Perform a “Simple” Glute Bridge (Free Exercise Coaching)

Online training infographics and social media (not online coaching) workouts are usually filled with familiar exercises many people either have done or can pick up on quite easily. The only issue I have with that is nobody is truly coaching you through the movement. It may look the same at a glance, and even feel some muscle burn/activation, but the rate it’s helping improve body awareness, strength, and tangible benefits could be slower than you would like.

I believe there is a big difference between going through a movement versus being aware and mindful of how your entire body is generating movement, regardless of how easy or difficult the task may be. To get into the best positions possible, it takes a combination of;

  1. Proper Exercise Cueing (Visual, Verbal, Internal, External, Kinesthetic)
  2. Progression Based on Movement Competency (Understanding & Executing Skills)
  3. Having Someone Who Can Give You Real Feedback

I’m sure you want to improve your training right now, and I want to help! So clear some space, hop down on the floor, and follow me along as I take you through How to Actually Perform a “Simple” Glute Bridge


If you are looking for customized content, training, or lifestyle tips, connect with me on social media to see what other beneficial life-enhancements you can implement today!




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