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Strengthen Your Posterior Chain With Slideboard Curls

This is a piggyback post from last weeks blog,

How to ACTUALLY Perform a “Simple” Glute Bridge; Free Exercise Coaching

(If you missed that video-blog – or vlog as the hip kids say – improve your back and glute strength by watching that video linked above)

This supine lying hamstring curl is a hip dominant exercise just like the glute bridge. It has the added benefit of employing the two-joint function of the hamstring; control motion at the knee while assisting motion control at the hip. The hamstring slide board curl can be a great progression from a floor bridge or swiss ball bridge movements, but also can be used if you experience low back discomfort/pain/weakness during a standing version of a hip dominant move, like a deadlift or squat.

What are your favorite movements in your training? Leave your top choices in the comments below and I will use them to deliver your content on what you like and know.

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