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Did You Commit To Yourself 100% Today?

I love to journal.

As in I LOVE to journal every day with or without structure behind why I touched my pen to the page (yes pen, no pencils here). Sometimes, a stream of thought takes control of my pen and I simply cruise along for the ride, letting my hand feel guided by the words spoken through the ink. Please, put yourself in the driver’s seat, imagining ‘you’ being the writer, reader, and interpreter… Enjoy!

Did you commit to yourself 100% today?

This is what we all want to strive for and envision doing, but are you living it out? I determine and explore what it feels like to go all the way, but also having the competency to pull back just enough to prevent going off of the deep end. Going 100%, 100% of the time in the short term can provide benefits. But in order to benefit your future self the best possible, you need to use foresight to appreciate nearsighted action. Pushing all-out all-of-the-time will undoubtedly result in burn-out, feeling overly compulsive, injury, or ultimately not the best recipe for success in the long term.

When You (walked in the door/stepped your foot to the floor/woke up/ began) How Did You Feel?

“All-Out” is a relative term. If you aim to live enjoyably each day, you will encounter a different set of circumstances quite frequently. The ‘Each day is a new opportunity’ I interpret as ‘Each day brings a new feeling of me, and I have the choice to love it’. How you felt yesterday, the past month, and even longer spans of time influence thoughts or actions of today. Hold on to what helps growth, and aim to discard the toxic thoughts after the lesson learned has been extracted.

Hold yourself to standards, but vocabulary like “should’s, could’s and would’s” are not constructive, they actually can have the opposite effect. Negative self-talk is not empowering to the ego and mind, and since each day truly is a new opportunity to gain momentum and form habits that add to your life force, you want to avoid words like that from dragging into the next day.

Instead, assess yourself each morning when you get up. How do you feel about yourself right now? What moves will you make today that will bring you closer towards optimal living? Does your mind feel full and anxious, or empty and energized? Do your muscles feel stiff and achy, or fresh and revitalized?

What is the realistic amount of myself I can commit to my body, being, and tribe today?

Reflect on the past few hours, days, weeks, or months, are those habits favorable and sustainable to bring a more rewarding future? Yeah, I know I did ‘this‘ in the past, but that is not today. I am more connected to myself now and can recognize patterns, and feelings that guide my actions toward my best intentions.

Even on days where you may not feel the fittest, most cheerful, rested, or energized, you are still here and have the willpower and drive to commit to 100% of myself right now, today.

What if I ignore that voice, the scenario I am in because of previous actions? Sure, I can push through stress, fatigue, pain, soreness, and negative emotions, but how long is that a sustainable plan? Do I continue to grind my gears, burning the candle at both ends until my body or mind quit? How long can I sustain that cycle of eventual self-destruction? Why not attempt to direct that wasted energy on an action plan, recovery, taking time to slow things down; a momentary break from the cycle to step back and reflect is always a grand idea.


Questions like these can help start the day off with the right foot forward, off and running to conquer the day and what comes along with it. Things such as meditation, expression of gratitude, journaling, reciting a mantra, some gentle stretches or movement to wake up your system, or simply soaking in some sunshine are some I use, but there are endless methods to explore that may resonate with you stronger as a check-in with your being.

My purpose here is to explore, learn, digest, and emit tactics and tools to live better every day. My first love is appreciating the human body through movement, fitness, and exploring physical freedoms. But after soaking in the exercise and health pool, I realized this was just a launching point to find fulfillment in other areas of life. Your Body, Mind, Being, and Balance of the elements of your livelihood that make you feel like the best version of yourself every day. That concept stuck with me, and is what inspired me to publish my e-book, which you can purchase for a mere $0.99 here!

‘The Compact Fulfillment Guidebook: Enhance Your Mindset, Body, Being & Balance to Live Better Everyday’0001

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