Be Part of the Fitness Lifestyle Movement: The Compact Manual Guide Balance in a Healthy Lifestyle

At the start of 2017, one of my professional development goals was to become a featured author on a fitness/health webpage. I love to write, and through my experiences on the coaching floor, in competition, and practicing strengthening my overall being, want to share to you what tactics are legitimate for creating a more fulfilling and empowering lifestyle.

I did not reach that goal this past year.

Instead, I took it upon myself to go one step further, and compile a brief, yet comprehensive guidebook in all four areas that revolve around your livelihood. After some early mornings and wine-filled evenings to get creative juices flowing, I can happily announce the information is ready to be shared with you in an easy to read (or listen) format. This is not a sales pitch to take your money, I receive about $0.14 out of the $0.99 book price. I want you to have this information in one space that is easy to pull out, read, screenshot, share, and implement for a better experience living. If you want to continue receiving content as soon as it’s released, click this link to subscribe to the Mindful Trailrunner newsletter; you’ll be e-mailed when new content is released, and we never spam your inbox (because we rock).

But I’m sure you are ready for more, and the link to get your guidebook is below, along with the Amazon marketplace excerpt describing the book. Happy health hunting!

Purchase Your Compact Fulfilment Guidebook Here


As important as it is to have a healthy physical body, it is just as important to establish a healthy internal body. Your nutrition, actions, intentions, relationships, expression of gratitude and other emotions all culminate into healthy changes that can enhance lifelong freedoms.
Feeling free from self-sabotage, negative emotion, and physical constraint ought to be your human right, not just a privilege for monks and athletes. Each day is an opportunity, and although it might sound cliche, it is an absolute truth. Regardless of any variables, you have the ability to conceive, the mindset of exploring opportunity is universal for everyone to experience.

My purpose here is to explore, learn, digest, and emit tactics and tools to live better every day. My first love is appreciating the human body through movement, fitness, and exploring physical freedoms. But after soaking in the exercise and health pool, I realized this was just a launching point to find fulfillment in other areas of life. Your Body, Mind, Being, and Balance of the elements of your livelihood that make you feel like the best version of yourself every day. That concept stuck with me, and is what inspired me to publish this piece…

This Guidebook can be used as a map to help you search and discover a better Mindset, Body, Being, and Balance. This can be a good tool for anyone looking to improve lifestyle wellness.

If you are looking for customized content, training, or lifestyle tips, connect with me on social media for more lifestyle optimization geared content!




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