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How to NOT Waste Your Time Exercising, But Still Get the Results You Want (Just 3-Steps)

I think everyone needs a coach. The most premier sport athletes in the world seek coaches to remain sharp at their craft, but also to remain as healthy as possible for the long haul.

So what do I need a coach for if I can look it all up myself?

Seeing, Doing, and Feeling movement is three separate skills that can assist the other. These 3 simple steps in being exposed to exercise all are important, but when the time is right for you, also VERY important to graduate on to the next level. If you remain stuck in the first or second level, you may not reach your full physical potential, despite how hard you work or hours logged. Here, let me explain…


Seeing a movement performed gives you the foundation to what is supposed to be going on; the initial introduction.


Doing a movement is then coordinating and choreographing your body to replicate what you saw, identifying the start and end to an exercise, and then moving on.


Feeling a movement is the most important part of this exercise thing altogether. Hundreds of muscles are responsible for everything you do on a day-to-day basis, aren’t you interested in learning how to use them? Better yet, what about knowing which muscles are responsible for the exercise you are performing? There is a big jump between doing and feeling, so much so that many people get stuck in between, or do not have access to a coach that can help them feel their body moving. You know what, rather than trying to explain it, let’s just do it!

Hop Out of Your Chair, and Grab Some Floor Space, It’s Time to Move!

Seriously, if you can, take the next minute to feel what I mean, not just read some words on a page; Feeling is believing 🙂

To get started, hop on down to hands and knees, and take a few breaths deep into your belly. This is just to ‘prime’ your Central Nervous System and body for some activation.

Next, to the best of your ability, hold a Forearm Plank position. If you aren’t quite sure what that looks like, here is a solid example:

Workout Routines For The Gym : Test out your core with our ultimate plank challenge. These ab sculpting moves w...

Without moving, hold this position for 10-60 seconds, however long your strength can manage right now… Keep holding… A deep breath now… Aaaaaaaand time, Phew!

How did it go? 

Now, before moving on, ask yourself a quick question: where did you ‘feel it’? The thing in exercise is feeling what is happening to the body, and of course, making sure it is the desired feeling. If you aren’t sure how to confidently answer that, you are among so many who can do an exercise so well, yet not extract the most amount of benefits possible from them. Now, follow me through this ACTIVE plank position to truly generate feelings of strength and body awareness.

How did that Feel? A bit different than the first time around, if I had to guess. This is just one example of having a coach handy to recognize if you are getting the most out of the time invested in your training.

Having a set of watchful eyes not only can keep you safe, but as you just felt, can help you become stronger, faster, or more flexible, easier, safer and more quickly than on your own. Many of my students at Orca Empire Fitness can attest to this principle and is a staple in my coaching principles.

If you want to start feeling what it is like to have a stronger, more able body, find a coach near you that is qualified, fun to be around, and has a vision for you. Luckily, if you live in Dutchess County, so are we! Come check out at Orca Empire Fitness, where the coaching philosophy is steeped in scientific and anecdotal research, and 15+ years of hands-on experience, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Below are the links you can find us, or reach out for more free information.

Orca Empire Fitness




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