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Learning is About Community and Creativity: Be Outside of the Box

If you don’t already know, I love to Journal write

Each day and night I dedicate some quality time to be alone with my journal. This is my own safe space that has helped me release and sift through negative emotions, personal growth, professional development, and a place to record thoughts and dreams.

Some entries I keep private for my own learning and use, but many others are extracted to be shared with those I care about (yes, that means you!) to either stimulate their own sense of self or to provide more insight as to how I got to where I am today. This is one of those entries that sheds some light on my current place in the health and fitness community, and how the wheels in my brain turn from time to time; thank you for being a part of this learning journey…

I have a passion for learning

This is when it comes to education as a construct. I loved to tinker, build, create, and think, but only often did I put that into action when it came to schoolwork, just ask my parents, they would agree! Throughout all of my school years, there was little to no interest in reading, and going the extra mile on projects and assignments for most of my middle and high school career… mostly because I was a professional procrastinator. I was great at listening, consistently thinking, but I fell short in doing beyond the bare minimum.

Bad habits don’t die too hard, because through my first two years of college, cycling through waves of not putting my best self forth and going all in, I had so much going on in my brain but didn’t have a clue what to do with it.

During the final stages of my Bachelor’s degree, I saw my peers achieving certifications, training clients, networking like machines, and competing in weightlifting or racing, I began doubting how I would fair in this industry because I was so far behind the eight-ball. I mean seriously, I never assessed, programmed, or experienced my first real personal training client until my final year of undergrad because it was part of my class curriculum to graduate. But it was in that semester when I learned something;

I had something different to offer than anyone else

I spent so much time watching, viewing, thinking, and writing from those around me, it was like taking various pieces of health, wellness, optimization, and human performance tossing them in a blender. Mix that with hours of self-experimentation and a raw, untapped desire to help others move better and enjoy life, and now something has come from ‘nothing’.

I did not want to think simply or succumb to one boxed-in style of training. I loved exploring how the body was able to move in space, yet lifting heavy shit off of the floor did not seem like the only way, or even the best way to live strong for the long haul.

I wanted to know more about the outskirts of fitness, such as how to approach unique or unpopular fitness tools, putting flexibility/mobility on a pedestal (not just rehab) or how there needed to be a ‘why’ driving the whole purpose of breaking a sweat in the first place. There are thousands who have thought this way before me, but compared to those within my age and community, I was among the few taking this stance.

It has been one and a half years since graduating SUNY Cortland, and the same amount of time I have been the head coach of Orca Empire Fitness. So much has happened and changed, while much of it has remained exactly the same. There is not enough time in the day or energy in the body to have ultimate skills in everything.

I believe I can speak for others by saying as fitness professionals, we stand on the shoulders of giants. Those who have dedicated their careers to mastery of a craft created a baseline, a standard to gauge achievement. And within those achievements lie many blunders, mistakes, and setbacks, yet they were not determining factors of success. They knew their passions were warranted and kept on going.

Thank you. To all of those who dedicated their careers to mastery of a craft created a baseline, a standard for others to gauge progress and proficiency. But within that elaborate framework of achievements lie many valuable skills anyone has the time and energy to develop. Each realm of “fitness, health, and wellness” has important parts you can integrate into your life, creating a giant mash-up of abilities and movement connections for your body to practice.

There isn’t one tool to rule them all. Each tool and method has its place on your toolbelt. It’s about the balance and contrast of the different spectrums of fitness.


If you still want to dive deeper into habit forming, lifestyle changes that can make a real difference, pick up your copy of my newly released (and handsomely cheap) e-book, paperback, or audiobook; the Compact Fulfillment Guidebook! And if not, there are no hard feelings, just keep exploring the Mindful Trailrunner webpage for hot content on improving your lifestyle.


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