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The EASIEST Way to Increase Your Fitness, Health, & Longevity (without a gym membership)

What’s better than a little Mr. Bean to get you up and groovin’ this day?! Although those moves won’t win ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, did you notice the exercise he was doing in order to increase his longevity, health, and joint health?

He Loosely Moved His Body in Many Different Directions

As humans, we were designed for fundamental movement patterns that – maybe without knowing – you use every single day to execute tasks or simply live. Every day, your body wants to do these things;

Walk — Overhead — Press — Hang — Squat — Hinge — Lunge 

Notice how that list doesn’t have:

Walking While Texting — Slouched into the Couch — Sitting for Hours — Taking the Elevator — Leg Extension Machines — Hiring a Company to Do Manual Chores — Computer Thumbs 

We as a society have become so stagnant and stiff in regards to carrying out the basic human movement patterns. Before headed down the rabbit hole on a tangent I may never come back from, let me stop myself and paint it black and white;

Your body adapts to the demands placed upon it. If you want to progress in health, strength, flexibility, and longevity than you need to do things that positively and directly benefit your health, strength, flexibility, and longevity. Thinking or looking up the latest ‘hack’ to get fit won’t bring you to what you actually are looking for. In order to go through daily tasks, manual chores, or even a full-on training session, you need to exercise your ability to execute those positions as often as possible. How? By simply moving your body through its Desired and Natural Ranges of Motion each and every single day.

Before what I reveal next, join me for a quick little activity.

  1. Before doing anything, just simply close your eyes and take 5-10 slow deep breaths. Give a scan of how your body is right now. Don’t say anything, this is about listening and observing. Are you holding tension or tightness anywhere? What is the most pertinent emotion or feeling?
  2. As you finish up those breaths, gently move your head & neck in a circle; trying to touch your ears towards your shoulders and chin towards your chest (not at once of course; unless you are an alien). Take a few in each direction
  3. Now, simply just stand up, breathe softly, and follow this video for some cycles of ‘forward folds + overhead reach

Are you feeling more relaxed, less tense, and even a bit more alert/awake by simply moving your body around?

Great, I figured you would be! 

Too often our body can become ‘stuck’ and feel glued from the un-ideal positions we use each and every day. Some of them, like sitting to drive and texting can be unavoidable. What you can control is how often you are doing it, and how often you are trying to reverse the negative effects it can have on your body.

When first beginning to learn how to play an instrument, did you do better by taking long breaks between practice? Or were smaller, more consistent sessions of scales, note articulation and music reading more effective? Practicing for a few minutes daily is better for learning and skill development than a big session once or twice a week. In this case, think of your body like a finely tuned instrument, demanding your attention daily to have the prettiest sound, smoothest tone, and ideal performance. Once you begin to show it love and attention, you will become a Movement Maestro, developing masterpieces that look and feel fantastic!

The easiest way to reduce stress on your joints, strengthen your muscles, improve range of motion, stimulate your brain, and focus on feeling what exercises should feel like is to simply do them more often! So if you want to build a better human body right now, it’s as simple as clicking play below. Enjoy!

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