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Ramp Up Your Cardio Workouts with Torching Tabata Interval Training

When beginning or progressing an exercise program, the why driving your training can be boiled down to one or more of these elements;

  1. Decrease Body Fat / Lose Weight
  2. Increase Muscle Size or Tone
  3. Improve Physical Freedoms
  4. Feel Better every day
  5. Look More Sexy Naked

Maybe it’s one, or maybe it is all, but we are driven by something. Once you’ve locked in your intention for your training, you can then dictate the actions that will take you from here to there. Because when your intentions influence favorable actions, it begins a domino effect in the positive direction for your health and fitness. With that, it’s time to add Tabata Interval Training into your routine!

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What is Interval Training?

High-Intensity Interval Training, in basic terms, is alternating between sets of timed work and rest periods. They usually range between 10 – 60 seconds in duration and is an extremely efficient way to get a lot of work done in a short time frame.

In my latest publication, The Compact Fulfillment Guidebook, I dedicate an entire section to dive deep into the benefits High-Intensity Interval Training has on the most important muscle in your body; your heart! If you want more tasteful information to reinforce why to start Tabata Training today for your overall health, you need to pick up your copy today for as low as $0.99, you won’t be disappointed!

Why is This Good for Me?

  • Upgrade your Cardiovascular Endurance capacity; how well your heart, lungs, and blood vessels deliver oxygen to your muscles
  • Boost the body’s fat-burning response
  • Sharpen your brain in Memory, Attention, & Coordination (a.k.a. smarter)
  • Increase overall peak power output (important for ballistic exercises & athletes)
  • Upregulate the amount of Testosterone your body can deliver for performance; men and ladies, this is a good thing!
  • Your muscles, heart, and nervous system (CNS) can be fully recovered in 24 hours or less, meaning a better bounce back for the next training session

Who Created This Madness?

I wish I could take credit, but Tabata training was pioneered by Dr. Izumi Tabata in 1996; what a clever name! It emerged as a way to train Olympic speed skaters for competition.

How Long?

The whole premise is having a 2:1, work:rest ratio. I recommend taking on 20-seconds high-intensity exercise, followed by 10-seconds rest. Follow that scheme for 8 cycles and you are on a fast track to all of those benefits listed above.

What Exercises Should I Do?

Using 2 exercises in an A, B, A, B style will get you the most bang for your buck (8 cycles total = 2 exercises x 4 rounds each). To resist a premature burnout, I enjoy pairing a metabolic upper body movement, followed by a lower body movement. But if you are training for a specific event, such as a 5k or athletic event, choose what exercises have the best crossover to your sport.

Can I Do It?

Yes, of course! Any ability level is able to dive in to a Tabata session. Just remember, your ‘all-out-effort’ may look different than the person next to you; stay within yourself, and if you are looking for competition, search for it within. If you are very new to the world of movement and fitness, do not focus on maximal output, and instead focus on quality technique. Grooving good movement mechanics while your body is adapting to changes will benefit you more in the long-term adventure.

What’s the Goal?

The hardest possible output you can give for 20 seconds. You can count reps, but your focus is to squeeze every last repetition out of your body during that 20-second burst. It sucks really really bad good at the moment, but the reward for finishing and knowing that you put every drop of effort you had is where growth occurs; step into the yuck.

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Get Started NOW

Here are some Tabata Pairs for different ability levels. The movements listed first are lower body dominant, while the second one is upper body dominant (for the most part). To construct a workout, choose 2-4 pairs below, sip some water, set a timer and have at it! If you want to customize your very own, you can drag-and-drop any upper body movement with a lower one, the options are endless (i.e. Plate Push & Plank Hold) (here is a link to the timer app I use)

  1. Alternating [jump] Lunges & Rope Power Slams
  2. Burpee & Mountain Climbers
  3. TRX Squat+Row & Bear Crawl
  4. Plate Push & Yoga Pushup
  5. Sprinter Step-Ups & Chin-Up/Row Hold
  6. Airdyne/Assault Bike & Plank Hold
  7. KB Swings & Push Press
  8. Row Machine & Medicine Ball Slam


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