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Learn the Steel Mace Climber Squat for Stronger Quads, Core & Mobility

The Cure for Moving too Fast is to Just Slow Down.” – William E. Coles

Everything is about the hustle and bustle of how fasthow many, or how muchIn life, we can move too fast, mindlessly through milestone events and celebrations, or even feel the blur of day to day gratitude when spinning your wheels at 1,000 mph. Running from A to B to E, forgetting about C and D because there simply is NO TIME or CANNOT BE DONEYou may feel out of control with the cards in your hand like someone else is calling the shots for you to go-go-go. If you haven’t been told lately, allow me to be the first;

There is time. You have the ability to choose where and what you are pulled in to. You are appreciated. It’s Okay to feel that way, and I’d like to help you get back to a feeling of control, and out of swirling chaos.

Personally, there is no better method to clear away crappy thoughts and mental clutter than to…


This is why I love training with the Steel Mace. You always have the choice to slow up, speed down, pause, stick to the basics, challenge yourself, or explore new perspectives you may not have felt yet. It can build strength, tone muscle, improve mobility, and enhance your overall fitness experience with a mere 10lbs. The only thing that matters and you have the time to think about while training with the Steel Mace is the Steel Mace and how you are moving with it. Anything else coming into your mind during that time is clutter and deflates the opportunity of getting as Strong, Supple, Sexy and Skilled as you possibly can. So tune out your mind, turn up your ears, and let’s get down to business; it’s time to train to be a rockstar!

What This Will Help You Do

  • Maintaining a good structure while controlling a slow speed (tough stuff)
  • Grooving a good squat pattern, the most basic human movement we all should know
  • Put you in CONTROL to choose how slow/fast, deep/shallow, smooth/sloppy you want to be; choose wisely 🙂
  • Body awareness in space, known as Proprioception, is developed or enhanced
  • Once you can get the Mace to ‘Float’, it’s a great party trick to impress your friend **poof-magic**

Did what you just read make your day? Boost your mood? Bore you entirely? Either way, you should share it with your friends and/or comment below!

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