The Orca Empire Experience: It’s Exercise That’s Built Upon Intelligence, not ‘Bro-Science’ or Fitness Fads (part 1)

In order to get the best results from your fitness, You need to make sure there is quality knowledge going in to your fitness program.

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I want to assure you that, we build our classes on intelligence, not negligence of trendy fitness. We aim to disprove bro science to make sure you can sift through what is Useful and Legitimate health & fitness information; the internet can be a dangerous place to hear every truth be a lie, and lie be a truth. You should have the right to know what is good and not so good, and that’s where we come in.

Orca doesn’t design a class just to beat you down our make you sweat. Sure, you will build strength and sweat your butt off in out classes. But that’s not what it’s only about. Sweat and strength development open the door so you can;

  • Achieve weight loss and drop body fat
  • Programming customized for You daily
  • Develop strong, lean-and-mean muscles
  • Become faster, flexible, fitter, and focused on yourself
  • Prevent injuries to your Back, Knees, and Shoulders
  • Real world strength & skills to Live Life Stronger

What do I mean by building our Small Group Training sessions intelligently? Aside from Coach Sean sticking his nose into any Health, Fitness, or Wellness book he can find, we also Test-Drive and then apply the methods that work into every class. We always write workouts only after we have tried them ourselves, tweaked them to make the most comprehensive and purposeful plan, and then adjust it to what you need that day. THAT is how we build our sessions with our brains first, and our bodies second; it’s a great way to ensure you stay safe and progressing forward, not doing damage control after continuous beatdowns.

Today, I’ll take you on one of our Friday Kick-Ass Conditioning workouts!

This week we chose to use a Tabata style, which is a format of set work:rest. It was discovered my Japanese Movement scientists who tested using this ‘Hight-Intensity’ method (training only 4 minutes per day) against a group training at a moderate intensity (who had to train 60 minutes per day). Over the course of 6 weeks, the Tabata training group had a large increase in their overall Aerobic (heart & lungs) and Anaerobic (muscular) Endurance, over 25% more of an increase!

Less time invested + More fitness gains + Less Soreness = Better Body & Health

Tabata Principles:

  • 2:1, work-to-rest ratio
  • 20 seconds on, 10 second off
  • Alternate exercise #1 with exercise #2 (1,2,1,2…)
  • 4 sets of each exercise (8 total rounds)
  • Rest completely, then move on to the next group

We build our Tabata pairs usually in upper and lower body focused exercises. That way, you are not overusing one muscle group of the body. Getting that muscle burn too early in a training session is NOT what you want! It will prevent you from lasting in a training session, and feeling ‘toasted’ with a few rounds left…meaning your coach needs to program it accordingly. Less burn equals better posture, more muscle, and good technique in each exercise.

If you can’t wait any longer to know what our classes Look and Feel like, drop in for a class today and feel the Orca Empire Exercise Experience. Where our main goal is to customize your experience every training session. Why? Because when you choose a truly inspiring goal, you free the power within yourself to achieve far more than others imagine is possible. You give yourself an incredible opportunity to find out how strong you can be; both in Fitness, but even more-so in Life

Orca Empire Fitness is a transformation center, and you are in charge of what favorable changes occur. We are here to support your vision, and lay down the stepping stones for you to follow, but you are the one doing the work and deserve all of the credit.

We are a POD, and our mantra is to TRAIN hard, RECOVER smart, MOVE often, & LIVE BETTER everyday.


Did what you just read make your day? Boost your mood? Bore you entirely? Either way, you should share it with your friends and/or comment below!

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