The Orca Empire Experience: It’s Exercise That’s Built Upon Intelligence, not ‘Bro-Science’ or Fitness Fads (part 2)

Exercise is not just about the muscle pump, breaking a sweat, or feeling CRUSHED after a workout. Sure, those can be parts of the picture, but that should NOT be the most important thing in your fitness journey.

If you missed part one in this series, click the link here to see the introduction on what the heck I’m talking about

What motivates you to begin or carve a deeper path into your journey with health & wellness? After speaking with some of our students at Orca Empire Fitness, here is what their passionate to gain from a quality fitness program:

  • Get rid of aches, pains & old injuries
  • Fast-track weight loss and drop body fat
  • Develop strong, lean-and-sexy muscles (men and women)
  • Be more flexible and less stiff in the joints or muscle
  • Become faster, fitter, and focused on yourself
  • Prevent injuries to your Back, Knees, and Shoulders
  • Real world strength & skills to Live Life Stronger


You are not a professional athlete, and you shouldn’t exercise like one. Doing crazy weight training, jumping, or extreme killer workouts 5 days a week is NOT a recipe to improve your health in the long run; it is a guaranteed way to beat your body up, break it down, and leave it battered for the many many years you want to live.

Orca Empire knows you want to have Fun, Challenging, and Exciting workouts, but don’t have an extensive education to know the best things to do… that’s where we come in!

Today I’m going to take you through one of our favorite ways to ‘Do Cardio’, without feeling tortured or bored. It’s called Tabata Training

Tabata Principles:

  • 2:1, work-to-rest ratio
  • 20 seconds on, 10 second off
  • Alternate exercise #1 with exercise #2 (1,2,1,2…)
  • 4 sets of each exercise (8 total rounds)
  • Rest completely, then move on to the next group

We build our Tabata pairs usually in upper and lower body focused exercises. That way, you are not overusing one muscle group of the body. Getting that muscle burn too early in a training session is NOT what you want! It will prevent you from lasting in a training session, and feeling ‘toasted’ with a few rounds left…meaning your coach needs to program it accordingly. Less burn equals better posture, more muscle, and good technique in each exercise.

Check out the video below to see what exercises Im taking you through that will build a stronger mind, body, and prevent breakdown!


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