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The 3 Exercises EVERY Desk Jockey NEEDS to Do!

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The average U.S. adult sits 9-10 hours Each Day

Working, Watching, Relaxing, Driving, Waiting, Eating… there are a HUGE amount of things each day that suck you in to SIT DOWN. There is nothing wrong with kicking your feet up after a long day, but since prolonged sitting WILL negatively impact your health,

Limit the Dosage to Lessen the Dangers

I’m sure you’ve heard the “Sitting is the New Smoking” campaign, and for good reason! Many of our daily activities are beginning to involve movement less and less, and the result can be catastrophic to our bodies. The reason you may feel ‘so tired’ from sometimes doing nothing is due to our bodies de-conditioning from not being used.

Not everyone has the ability to exercise over an hour and dedicate long chunks of time to improve their health and fitness each day, so what I am focusing on today is efficiency.

I’m passionate about moving (maybe too much, even…nah) so to read more about me ranting about sitting and what to do about it, here are some of my other articles:

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How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

You can use an Exercise Ball for

  • Strengthening your 360° core (anterior abdominals, obliques, posterior back muscles, and deep stabilizing ab muscles)
  • Challenges and Improves balance; any slight movement you have will cause the ball, and your body, to shift and re-establish muscular control (meaning more muscular and neuromuscular activation: BOOM)
  • Decreasing chances of injury to your joints, especially lower back, knees, shoulders, and hips
  • Decompressing your Spine and relieving pressure from your vertebrae from the stressors of Exercise, Work, Gravity, Life, and Overuse Injuries you encounter
  • Getting a firmer, flatter stomach because of the unique nature to balance your body on it, especially when changing positions!


Personally, they are my current FAVORITE, LOW INVESTMENT piece of exercise equipment because of their:

  • Cheap cost (easily find under $20, link here)
  • Versatility in strengthening ALL areas of the body
  • A small footprint in your gym/home/office
  • Use for warm-ups, core training, stretching, and power development; the total package
  • Easy learning curve for all skill levels
  • Integrate multiple areas of the body to muscularly engage (more muscles working = more GAINS)

How often have you stood up after a long time slouched or seated, only to need a big stretch, wiggle, yawn and groan? Yeah… I’ve been there too, and it can ruin the rest of your day because of the stiffness you can’t seem to shake afterwards. Speaking of which, I think I’ll go take a quick 2 minute break to Move Around and get the blood pumping; I suggest you get up and shake it out too!

*Be Back in a Jiff*


Believe it or not, my career requires a lot of my time to be STILL. When programming, writing, editing, learning, or developing, the chair can feel like glue, sticking you down and sucking the life right out of your body. Luckily, you don’t need to be STUCK even if your profession requires you to do a bunch of work in front of the computer.

All you need is 60 seconds, a Swiss Exercise Ball (amazon link here, they are under $20), and a few feet of floor space… That’s it!! If you can commit to performing this 1-minute of exercise a few times per day, I can WHOLE HEARTEDLY guarantee that your;

  • Lower Back Pain and Neck Stiffness will fade away
  • More core strength will be developed (a.k.a. better abs, YAH)
  • Your mood, energy, & vigor will INCREASE
  • Overall level of Strength & Fitness will improve
  • Better Posture from FIGHTING OFF the forward slouch from desk chairs

So grab your ball and let’s get a move on! If you haven’t ordered your own Exercise Ball, you need to click the link above to get yours today, as I share a bunch of videos on great exercises that you can start doing Right Now in the comfort of your home or local gym. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel to stay connected to the current Exercise Coaching Videos I dish out on a weekly basis; it’s like having Me as your own coach in your living room (without the weird introductions or remembering how to say my last name; which is Ehs-Cara-Vah-Juh… yep, still may not have helped, dammit).

Without any further delay, go try these 3 Exercises throughout your busy day to CREATE TIME for yourself, to always strive for Living Better Every Day !

Wishing You Great Health & Strength,

Coach Sean Escaravage

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