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“Holy Wow, My Muscles Sore!” You should Foam Roll to Recover Faster & Workout Stronger

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I don’t know about you, but if I was able to get a weekly massage, my body would feel 1000% better. Getting a massage is a great way to:

  • Relieve stress held in your neck and shoulders
  • Provide pain relief to really tight muscles
  • Speed up recovery time after a tough workout
  • Improve flexibility and Range of Motion (how well you can move your joints)
  • Reduce muscle and joint stiffness
  • Boost the quality of your workout by ‘warming up the muscles’

I’m highly confident your body would love that too… But let’s be real, you need a way to get a massage anytime or anywhere, and without burning a multi-thousand dollar hole in your pocket! What if there was an answer to your achey muscle prayers… Oh wait, there is!

Foam Rolling allows You to do just that

Foam Rollers and can be a valuable friend to Recover & Prepare for a workout, plus keep you flexible and pain-free throughout the week. I love to think of it as, ‘A Poor (wo)Mans Massage’, and it really is! Every Day, I spend at least 5 minutes picking one-or-two spots that feel a bit stiff or sore, and allow the foam roller to massage them into feeling good as new.

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When used in the right areas, they can provide pain relief, improve your range of motion, help promote blood flow, PLUS alleviate muscle soreness and tightness But don’t think this is some mindless rolling around like you’re making a pie crust. You do need to pay attention to:

a) The speed you are rolling the muscles (Slow to spot what needs love, Smooth to finish the job off)

b) Not holding your breath (EXHALE to let tightness EXIT)

c) Avoiding rolling your joints *hehe* (Move your joints around AFTER rolling the muscles to decrease stiffness)

 Alright, that’s enough chit chat from me… Now it’s time for you to get rockin’ and ROLLING on improving how you Move, Feel, and Perform so you can keep Living Better Everyday! Follow me along on these 3 SUPER important areas to foam roll on a daily basis in less than 5 minutes

If you want to impress your friends, or understand a bit more of what the heck this foam roller can do for you, check out some articles I have written in the past;

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Wishing You Great Health & Strength

Coach Sean

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