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A State of Emergency is Merely a Recommendation: Move!

March 14, 2017 – An incredible winter snowstorm in my state of New York forced our region, and many others, to entirely shut down. No driving or traveling, businesses shut down, and nothing but heavy snowfall for tens of hours to come. As much as I love kicking my feet up in front of the fire, you always have the CHOICE, and someone cannot tell you otherwise. The ability to Live Better Every Day is dependent upon one non-negotiable concept; YOU MUST MOVE.

That day, I moved, and want to share with you why I decided to strap on my ski goggles, trail shoes, and face mask to take on the elements on foot. On my journey, I saw nothing but my own footprints and white powder; nobody or no animal around.

State of Emergency in my area of NYS!! The roads are free of cars and full of snow…the perfect recipe for an “off-road” road run! .
That means a mostly sedentary and stagnant agenda for today: a day of warmth indoors, being comfortable, and avoiding the elements. But how does that differ from most people’s “day to day” routine? We become blinded by our love for comfort it overtakes our natural ability to fight and overcome obstacles. I don’t necessarily mean fight in the literal sense, more like the borderline struggle and challenges that are shied away from. Today, regain your ability to fight, to evolve, and to become stronger in whatever sense you need right now. There will be a temporary moment of “yuck” where you have a fight or flight decision.

In that choice, you have power. The power to put on your blinders, take a breath, and climb your way to the victory you envisioned before you began…or the power to give in to short-term discomfort, and miss out on what could have been, feeling unsatisfied. The process is addicting, and the path isn’t the same for everyone, but if you consistently take small action step toward where you want to be, you will become what you wish to achieve; The choice is yours. .

“Learn to convert the discomfort of discipline into the satisfaction of personal growth” – Tony Robbins

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