❄️12 Days of FITmas Tips ❄️ Day #1

Around the Holidays, it can feel tough, even frustrating to stay on track with making healthy choices… ESPECIALLY when there is temptation, stress, and sitting on our butts all day cooped up inside.
Use these 12 FITmas tips as a way to empower healthy choices to remove guilt from your list of things “To-Do” this time of year. Your habits determine your quality of life; choose them wisely!

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❄️12 Days of FITmas Tips ❄️
🎁Tip #1: Eat Slowly to feel More Satisfied & Less Stuffed🎁
It takes your body about twenty minutes after beginning the meal for your brain to send out the signal 📡your appetite is SATISFIED; do some of your meals even last that long?⌛️
If you are eating too ⏱quickly, it is easy to consume TOO MANY calories from the communication delay from belly to brain 📞Each meal/snack that you finish feeling ‘stuffed’, rather than ‘satisfied’, could be a prime culprit for those body goals that seem to be just out of reach (even if you are already crushing your workouts).
When you slow down, savor the meal, pay attention to how it really tastes, and be mindful of each bite, you will leave the table feeling better and making overall better choices 👍
‼️If you feel this happens often, start simple by setting a timer for 20-30 minutes for meals and pace your plate clearing‼️

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