12 Days of FITmas Tips Day #3

❄️12 Days of FITmas Tips ❄️

🎁Tip #3: Move Your Body MORE 🎁

Movement is a FREE medicine 💊we have access to every single day. But unless you know what to do, it can feel like you are spinning your wheels trying to make physical progress or heal an injury 🚲

One of the most common questions I will ask my students is “How much did you Move & Love 💕 your body this week?” Your mood, energy, vigor, clarity, comfort level, and self-confidence all skyrocket 📈from moving your body.

News Flash 💢you can move OUTSIDE of your workout time too! Plus, if you have time to read this post, then you MUST have ⏰60 seconds to use right now to invest in your body health🏆

If you think you don’t, then I’d suggest asking yourself WHY you have time to thumb scroll social media then 🤔

So hop up out of your seat, get down, and take your daily dose of MEDICINE 💉

Here is a link to more Movement Flows to get your body feeling right this season

We help you focus 🔭on what you want to do better, learn healthy foods & fitness, and have a daily routine that is Enjoyable, Rewarding, & Brings you to your goals ✅Your habits reflect your life, so you should start CHOOSING ones that help you Live your best Life Every Day 🎊Jumpstart your #NewYearsResolution by clicking the link in our bio and dropping by for 🏋customized fitness that is all about YOU 🎊

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