❄️12 Days of FITmas Tips ❄️ Day #5

❄️12 Days of FITmas Tips ❄️
🎁Tip #5: Reward Yourself Along the Way 🎁
Giving yourself a pat on the back 👏is essential to reinforce your good habits and choices. The dilemma comes into play when you choose to reward yourself with GARBAGE 🗑
There is a difference between enjoying a treat and self-sabotage binging, and sometimes the difference between them is only a few bites, as well as the EMOTION driving your decision.
↪️Are you worth a Drive-Thru meal? Processed palatable foods? Opening & finishing an entire container? Or having a post-workout meal of 800 calories because you earned it? ↩️
Try to treat yourself with new workout clothes, a cool health supplement, or even a local experience you haven’t tried yet…
‼️More stuff is not always a solution to fix problems, but in this case it can be used as a good reinforcement to stop Stuffing yourself with what you DON’T really want, but rather are searching for an indulgent excuse‼️
💕Treat Yo-Self right 💕

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