❄️12 Days of FITmas Tips❄️ Day #9

❄️12 Days of FITmas Tips❄️
🎁Tip #9: Ask Yourself WHY 🎁
Don’t just spin your wheels and hope for change to happen. Be the change 💪
Understanding why you want to “be healthy” is necessary if you want to see your progress. Without knowing a deeper, more intimate WHY of where want to end up, how can you know if you are there or on the right path? 🚧
↪️Why do I want to eat healthier and exercise more?
↪️What will fitting into smaller pants or clothes make me feel, or allow me to do?
↪️Why do I want to lose weight; What is the deeper reason?
↪️Why do I want to be more assertive and feel more confident?
I encourage you to ALWAYS ask yourself why until you find a reason that is like a lightbulb went off 💡 The REAL reason is usually deeper and more emotionally tied than you realize right now… But once you truly ask and listen WHY, you will find a whole new level of motivation to prioritize the things that help you Live Better Every Day 💯

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