❄️12 Days of FITmas Tips❄️ Day #10

❄️12 Days of FITmas Tips❄️
🎁Tip #10: Focus on Your Big Rocks First 🎁
The amount of time you have each day ⏰is decided, but how you dedicate your time is all up to You! This is why it is important to identify your top level priorities versus lesser ones ↔️
Think of your time as this jar, and you can fill it with only so many Rocks, Pebbles & Sand…🛢
🏖Your Sand is your “bonus” or leisure activities. They can be enjoyable, but they are not crucial to your survival or fulfillment (T.V. show, social media, going out, gossip)
🏟Your Pebbles add extra fun and satisfaction to your life, but are not required to do or have each day. These can sometimes be your big rocks (when the time is right), but not to be confused as THE big rock you focus the majority of your tie and energy on (over-extending yourself at work, “passion project”, competitive athlete, hobbies)
🌎Your Rocks are the big things that matter, and that should be a part of Every Day to truly live your best life. This is where your time should be invested most, since these have the best investment long term (Time with friends & family, movement/exercise, enough sleep, earning a living, mental/emotional/physical health)
Everyone’s jar will look a little bit different. But one thing that is for certain across the board 💢filling your jar with too much pebbles or sand first will not leave any space (time) for your big rocks to fit 💢
Choose & Invest your time with what is BIG to you 💙
pebble jar.jpg

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