Change Your Breathing to Unlock Next Level Fitness GainZ

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We pay attention to sweat, heart rate, muscle burn, and the amount of weight we lose… but are YOU paying attention to your breathing

Just like with your exercise, it is important to have variability, or change up how you are BREATHING when performing those exercises.

There is a connection between your brain and your body that is POWERFUL when it comes to “leveling up” your ability to Move, Live & Feel healthy… but many do not get to experience that connection, simply because they have never been exposed to practice or feel it!

You need to consistently Practice, Develop, & Coordinate your BREATHING in new ways to strengthen the expansion of your lungs, and the activation of your Diaphragm.

The dance of breath-and-exercise will help you:
— Improve power output (workout harder)
— Increase time to muscular fatigue (workout longer)
— Feel a ‘rush’ of energy (VIGOR)
— Recruit more Core muscle activation during exercises
— Helps ‘clean up’ exercise technique
— Puts a larger focus on THE NOW (meditative too!)

Breathing is one of those magic tools that can really help you unlock new doors for your health and fitness; whether you are just beginning and want to build a strong foundation, recovering from an injury, or an advanced athlete looking to improve peak performance.

We all need to focus on breathing a bit more. It is our LIFE SOURCE

Maybe you breathe with attention, or maybe you don’t breathe at all when you are exercising (which is pretty common)…

Allow this video to show you just one of the MANY ways you can breathe differently (while doing the exercises you already love and know) to have a HUGE impact on your ability to Level Up your Fitness & Lifestyle Performance…

1 In & 1 Out ⇒ 2 In & 2 Out ⇒ 3 In & 3 Out ⇒  4 In & 4 Out ⇒  5 In & 5 Out ⇒  4 In & 4 Out ⇒ 3 In & 3 Out ⇒  2 In & 2 Out ⇒  1 In & 1 Out


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