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Why Do I Run Where Others Will Not?

I am consistently humbled when surrounded by the raw, untouched, natural environment. The gentle sway of trees, limbs, and greenery. Within the silent backdrop, the only sounds heard are from soft crunches beneath your feet and the gentle whistle of the wind. When the warmth of the sun touches your skin, there is an instantaneous feeling of elation and vigor; it’s like a battery recharge for your senses and personal sanity. There is nothing like taking a walk or run on a beautiful, warm and sunny day, and just disconnecting from the feelings of stress, restrain, or worry, and simply just being.

Just like you, I find the Spring so beautiful and rewarding, being able to explore the great sights and places the community has to offer.

But when the weather is not so inviting, do you inhibit your ability to still explore the great places in your community? The harmless fluffy stuff that falls from the sky, does it usually hold you back from taking a hike, bike, run, or journey that is easy when it’s green and grassy?

My question to you is;

Why does the presence of Snow & COLD hold hold you back from still enjoying the outdoor beauty?

I’d much rather take a spring day out on the trails versus a snowy battle uphill, but I don’t get to make a decision for the weather. But what I can do is make the decision to gear up appropriately, be positive, and stay excited about the opportunity to use the amazing human body to use the unfavorable weather as a small obstacle trying to blunt my happiness… and nothing should stand between you and your happiness.

This time, it was a brutal one. One of my good friends, John, and I set out on a multi-mile journey after a fresh 8-10″ of snow dropping. It wasn’t’stupid’ or ‘because of a dare’, it was purely voluntary with an internal ear to ear grin the entire duration because we would not tolerate the weather influencing our level of happiness and self-satisfaction… so we geared up and ran… 15 miles through the Appalachian Trails.

The reason I run 12 months a year is for my sanity. My mind fills up each day with attention to the self, negative and uplifting thoughts, analyzing everything, and self-admitted, trying to always be doing a thing. Stepping out of comfort and into discomfort on the trails is my release. A release of stress and swirling thoughts is one of the many beautiful reasons why I run. It is a time where the only thing you focus on is on your feet, the trail, and your breath; the essentials for survival. Everything else is put on the back burner for that time, there is no excess space to actively think of what you are having for dinner or answering an e-mail or the wrinkled dress shirt you have to iron for work tomorrow.

You focus solely on one step, take in a breath, take another step, scan ahead, breathe out, check your pace, step, breathe, and repeat. There is very little time and energy left on the table to worry, fret, or focus on anything but the journey at hand. If you see me in the woods, I will always send you a smile, but not always a hello. It is not because I am rude or standoffish. It is because ever breath and intention is dedicated to conquering myself out there, in whatever capacity I an give in that moment, the next, and every compounding moment until my daily journey is experienced. My life passion is dedicating my knowledge, time, and experiences to all of those who are willing to listen and explore more deeply into themselves. But in order for me to be selfless in my day-to-day operations, there has to be a little special time for me to be unbelievably selfish and be rigid with taking care of my body, brain, and being.

Utilizing selfish time in ways that will empower you to Live Better Everyday is one of the most selfless things you can do for the ones you love. Take care of your physical body, improve the fuel you use, dig deeper into your consciousness, smile and cry when you need to, learn what you are interested in, have experiences outside of your comfort zone, and please, don’t ever convince yourself you are less than or don’t deserve ______. You deserve everything you desire. And once your actions line up with your intentions (Your doing lines up with your wanting), just like magic, life begins to feel even better than what was better before; there is no glass ceiling to happiness and freedoms.

You deserve an escape, an excitement, a freedom outside of your day-to-day punch the clock, pay the bills, sacrifice for others, do this and that type of routine. I have found my escape in the trails, mountains and outdoors. No matter what time, temperature or season, they will always be there for me when I am needing the energy and support of the earth.

That is why I run where others will not, and I am thankful for that every single day

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