15 Ways to Make Kettlebell Swings Even More Fun (& Why You Should Do Them)

Let’s Just Get Down to Business.

Do you swing a kettlebell? If so, do you swing it heavy & often?

Do you want to swing a kettlebell? If so, have you ever tried or seen it in the past?

Have you ever even heard of a kettlebell swing? If not, well then keep reading to learn a little bit on why you SHOULD!

It’s All About the Glutes Baby

Buns, cheeks, booty, tushie, badonkadonk, or hiney. Whatever you may call it, the muscles that make up the gluteal region are important for many things. Truth is, the Kettlebell swing is one of the most effective ways to turn on your butt, back & core muscles for any strength or skill level. Here are just a few fun facts about your fanny:

  • They balance anterior & posterior (front & back) core strength
  • Improve your Posture
  • Aid prevention of Injury and Pain (in many different areas)
  • North American eastern painted turtles can breathe out of theirs to help preserve energy during hibernation
  • Boost your squat, deadlift, & running power
  • Help you look better naked (the REAL goal)
  • Rumor had it J-Lo had hers insured for $1 billion
  • A survey of 3,000 women showed that of any body part they preferred being complimented on, they chose their butt

Great News! But Bad Execution on our part…

The big dilemma is, so many of us have WEAK glutes for X, Y & Z reasons. I have gone down that rant in the past, so I will hold my tongue on this article on why sitting and I REALLY do not get along.

Check out one of these articles below to read more about why you should sit less, and find ways to break up sedentary positions.

Butt + Back = BFF’s 4 Life; Train them Together to Be Stronger than Ever

Stand Up For Your Health! Why Sitting is Not So Relaxing in the Long Run

3 At Home Positions to Reduce Low Back Pain

The Hip Hinge: The Foundation of Function and Strength

Say Hello to Your Glute Max GainZ

Aside from squats, deadlifts, and Jane Fonda’s, your Gluteus maximus (the main butt muscle) is one of the most important parts of the body to focus your strength training workouts. Even if it is an “upper body” focused day, here at Orca Empire Fitness we know that you NEED to utilize your core & glutes every day to keep them fit and strong.

Why is that?

Well, because Your Gluteus maximus makes up nearly 13% of the entire muscle mass of your lower body. 

The stronger the glute region is, the better workouts you will have, stronger back and core you will gain, & higher energy burn you will have; so do yourself a favor and put that caboose to use!

I wrote a short yet comprehensive article on what’s so special about your glutes, which I highly encourage you to read here:

What’s the Deal with Your Butt Muscles?

Why the Kettlebell Swing?

Kettlebell training has tons of benefits and can be scaled for someone just training for the first time, the elite athlete, or anywhere in between those extremes. Using kettlebells are our favorite way at Orca Empire Fitness to help students develop power, explosiveness, & strength that carries over into the bigger lifestyle plans (home projects, manual labor, keeping up with kids, adventures, Orca Games, and more!

Movements such as a Kettlebell Swing, Clean, and Snatch have the best return on time invested when compared to other exercises. Meaning faster strength gains, lean body shape/muscle development, decreasing injuries compared to other lifts, & most notably, they strengthen your posterior chain like none other. Those are your hamstrings, glutes,  lower and mid back muscles (helping avoid low back injuries and create a bulletproof spine).

How Does This Apply to You

Not everyone is ready to kettlebell swing on Day 1, and you shouldn’t before having a proper movement screening & a coach who will safely progress you from building block exercises that develop body awareness and strength in those same areas. This is what we focus on and want you to be comfortable with beginning or re-launching your fitness journey no matter where you think or feel you are “fitness level wise”.

We adapt every workout for your constantly evolving skills, strengths, & confidence; delivering the perfect blend of challenge without overwhelming, and leaving just enough in the tank to be ready for next time.

Alright Sean, Just Show me the Freaking Video Already

This video is designed the same way! Some of the swing variations are more “traditional” and can be digested by many skill levels. But some are pushing the envelope on challenging your coordination, skills, & stamina. I challenge you to take on these 15 Ways You Should Swing a Kettlebell, because truthfully they I believe they ARE the most empowering fitness tool for any human, and THAT is why you NEED to begin adding them to your routine someway, somehow. Enjoy!

If you want to feel these exercises in one of our group classes, come on by and take on the Orca Empire Fitness Experience with our premier coaching team!

Did what you just read make your day? Boost your mood? Bore you entirely? Either way, you should share it with your friends and/or comment below!

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