Start Your Day off on the Best Side of the Bed (not the Left or Right)

Are you Priming Yourself for Success?

How your day begins will predict the type of decisions, events and thoughts you have throughout the day. Your stress, calmness, anxiety, frustration, happiness, clarity, & the boatload of emotions we can feel as humans all can be influenced by the decisions you make… Starting the moment you open your eyes in the morning.

“Getting up on the wrong side of the bed” is within your power. How? Because You have the ability to choose what your morning routine will provide for your day. Will it be:

🔹Aimlessly thumb-scrolling the latest media headline… or Foam Rolling your muscles to loosen up and aid a healthier body
🔹Complaining about having to go to work again… or expressing gratitude for the opportunities and experiences you will have today
🔹Instantly feeling stressed to go-go-go out the door and rush around like a mad (wo)man… or slowing it down for literally 10 seconds to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and reassure yourself everything that needs to ‘get done’ without having to stress out.

I have a TON of writing in the past on what habits I do, recommend to clients, not-so-good ones, and why You should do them… Click the link here to check them out!

This is hanging up here at Orca Empire Fitness as a small reminder how powerful your thoughts, actions, words & habits can be in shaping your life with the beautiful and loving hands you deserve to live with (or continue living). It all circles back to what is going on between your ears and within your heart; if you want to have a great day, week, year, or even just a moment, you first must ACTIVELY THINK that you WILL.

You could call it the law of attraction, luck, or Woo-Woo science, but whatever you call it, have you deeply tried to? Negative thoughts grow and fester and can manifest into something that feels much larger than it truly is in real life, and the majority of us feel this on a weekly basis.

We love to complain.It is an outlet to vent how we feel, to release some of the internal turmoil and struggle we can be feeling from what is going on day-to-day. Complaining can be very healthy if you talk about what is bothering you, verbalizing it makes it seem less scary, plan what to do next to feel less of _____ or more _____ about the situation to feel better, to then move on with your day feeling less weighed down by shittiness of the situation. This is a healthy way to talk about and deal with the not-so-enjoyable moments in life, so moving forward you can take the good from it, move forward with the best plan you can, and to not let it feel as if it is eating you alive while trying to enjoy all of the other moments. Because when you have negative thoughts running through your brain all of the time, chances are you are not living your life full of Love, Joy, Creativity, Spontaneity, or practicing deeper Self-Love; all of which are things that help decrease how often those negative thoughts/moments come into your life!

Unfortunately, many of us do the opposite. Verbalizing this struggle allows it to feed, to grow, to be bigger and scarier instead of disempowering IT. It is easy to feed into a conversation based on complaining, shit talking, or venting about “IT‘, the tough things that are all going on in life. Those tough IT‘s you face are real and not to be downplayed or called insignificant. Not at all. But here’s a little secret… by constantly talking about IT, you are thinking more deeply about IT, allowing IT to consume more of your voluntary thinking & daily energy. This causes IT to spill into how you interact with those you love (even if not involved with IT), doing the things you love (not present in the moment), & living the fullest life you can… In a nutshell, IT does not have any place to be involved with your daily living if you don’t want IT to.

YOU have the power to choose if IT makes your life better or bitter. Get rid the parts that make you feel bitter, extract the lessons that help you live better. Release the Bitter, Extract the Better. Don’t overcomplicate it.

– Me (hehe)

My morning routine is a sacred time to do exactly that, extract the better and release the bitter. This 5-10 minutes investment is what helps me release feeling anxious, nervous spiteful, unaccomplished and rushed. Those special minutes to start the day are to be selfish, for me to love me and focus on me. Once I’ve calibrated my internal compass for the day, I have found it is much easier to figure out the direction I want to go or things to accomplish. it’s still early enough for yours! Close your eyes, take a breath, and focus on one thing 🤘🏼

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