Why Drawing Circles with your Limbs Actually Gives You More Fitness, Less Injury & Healthier Joints

Hey everyone, Coach Sean here (as if you didn’t already know that from clicking the link, whatever). Clearly you are interested in ways you can Move, Live & Feel better everyday, so let’s dive right on in, eh? But first, here is a cute picture Oakley taking a break on one of our Trail Runs:

Today I’m going to help you all learn how YOU can simply use your body for an amazing way start your day (no weights, machines, or resistance bands needed)

Before I continue, let’s make it clear that it is NEVER too late to regain your ability to move. How about this; think back to when you were young; swinging on the monkey bars, somersaulting until you nearly threw up, and being as flexible as an elastic band. Naturally, our younger bodies don’t have the stress or ‘wear and tear’ that we accumulate from aging. In my coaching, one of the villains fighting our ability to move is due to sitting. Between long commutes to and from work, sitting at a desk, and melting into the couch leave us vulnerable to lose our ability to function smoothly. Over time, we begin to develop tight hips, shoulders, neck, and back. This isn’t to scare you, but rather make you aware so you can take control of your body! Between poor lifestyle habits or activities, dealing with nagging injuries, or training so hard your body begins to wear down, we usually develop reoccurring aches and pains from head to toe (at some point or another). Now, I know what you may be thinking… “There’s no way I have enough time to get back into shape”, or “It will just go away eventually.” Sure, we all can find some excuse, but I guarantee that you are able to find at least 30 minutes a day to enhance yourself as a human. It is a small time commitment within a 24 hour span that will add amazing benefits to your health.

Don’t make EXCUSES, make CHANGES!

Mobility is defined as the ability to move your limbs with control, through a range of motion. Producing this motion requires concentration, strength, and flexibility. Developing your flexibility and mobility is a recipe for success to avoid injury as well as maximize the ability to live a healthy lifestyle. As stated above, our repetitive daily actives or sports could be a culprit as to why we have trouble moving as well as we are designed to. Here’s an example for you; a basketball player who only wears high top sneakers will think they are protecting themselves from having a rolled or sprained ankle. Well, in one aspect they are correct, but they also have a downside. Since their ankles are always stabilized by the shoe, they will eventually lose the mobility in their ankle. Some results of this can be; lack of force production during a jump, inhibiting depth while squatting, and a dangerous precursor to injure other areas of the body. Imagine your body like a skyscraper… you need strong and stable construction in order to stay intact. If your foundation is weak, slowly each floor above that will fall further and further out of place. In this case, our ankles are our foundation. If they are weak or immobile, we leave our knees, hips, spine, and shoulders vulnerable to take on extra stress, causing potential tissue and joint damage. For that basketball player, the trigger area was their ankles, yet they could have tightness in their hips and think that is where the issue lies. Before reading on, be sure to check in with a physical therapist, chiropractor, or your physician if you experience reoccurring pain, tightness, numbness, or any other “abnormal” sensations before engaging in extensive physical activity. If, however, you have been feeling healthy enough to start today, then you are in luck!

Become the best YOU that YOU can be, today!

Training mobility, flexibility and healthy joints aren’t the same as just doing some arm or leg stretches, so some movements will require some practice and focus on your posture. Since it requires NO EQUIPMENT besides your body, it can be done virtually anywhere! Just like with resistance training, your body needs time to recover when it comes to developing mobility, so be sure to take rest accordingly. Rejuvenation and reclaiming the movement of our younger selves are two of the many rewards from a mobility program. I guarantee many of us have an obstacle in our lives we can’t seem to overcome from our in-ability to move freely, so I encourage you to take this step-by-step video and follow along!

I recommend using this little video as a morning movement routine (before work or the hectic nature of the day begins) or at the end of the day before going to sleep (to turn off from the outside world and tune in to how you feel, this helps you sleep BETTER 100%)

If you want to see more of these types of videos, check out the links below to see what other fun stuff I’ve uncovered! Enjoy

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