Are You Spending or Investing Your Most Valuable Resource?

Time and Energy

In my eyes, these are the two most important pieces of your day that should go towards what matters most. As chaotic as days can seem, or crazy and stressful they can become, there is always the ability to focus shift back to what empowers your day most. For me, those moments I choose to invest in are Movement & Meditation.

Movement & Meditation practice is not about trying to throw away or erase who you are in an attempt to become something “better”. It is about befriending who YOU are.

๐Ÿ—You are not broken, bad, imperfect, worthless, less than, too much of, gross, ugly
You are Enough, always. That is all you ever need to Be. For yourself or for anyone else around you.๐Ÿ’™

The “fix it” culture of nutrition, exercise & fitness is highly focused on throwing away or removing parts of ourselves in an attempt to become something BETTER…someone different… and it is amazing to want more for yourself, but what I am asking here is:

๐Ÿ”ŽWhat is the driver, the internal conversation you use to FUEL the desire for change? ๐Ÿ”

I hold the belief that Movement is a Medicine, a physical, mental & emotional expression about befriending who You really are. It is about enhancing the elements of yourself that you Love, finding how to let those parts shine even more. And rather than eliminate parts of ‘you’, trying to adjust how infrequently moments occur that pull you away from living and feeling as your best self…

How you invest your time reflects what you will feel. If you want to make a shift in how you feel (about yourself, your relationships, job, passions, potential, etc.) start by recognizing what you ‘spend’ time doing that can be replaced with more meaningful ‘investments’ of time.
Just like with your bank account, spending is a use, or disposal of funds (i.e. your time & energy). The consumption and exhaustion of your most valued resources in exchange for some-“thing”…

Yet the investment of funds is the devotion of those funds where you are looking to have a return on your funds invested, increasing its value as time goes on. A devotion of your time & energy for a purpose, to achieve something with deeper meaning or value to how you want to live your ideal life.

Don’t eliminate the parts of You that make you a human being (it’s okay to be imperfect), but rather highlight the parts of You that shine the brightest to be the light that guides you to what other ‘things’ will help strengthen that light, and in turn, strengthen You to Live, Feel, & Be the best you EveryDay

Happy Friday Party People, now go and be You!๐Ÿ•ฏ

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