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Be the Bountiful Butterfly, Not the Cranky Caterpillar

“How does one become a butterfly?”
Pooh asked pensively…

“You must want to fly so much that you’re
willing to give up being a caterpillar,”
Piglet replied……

“You mean you die?”
Asked Pooh.
“Yes and no” he answered.

“What looks like you will die but what’s really you will live on.”

-A.A. Milan, Winnie the Pooh
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Life is about TRANSFORMATIONS. We are continually evolving, learning, and changing how we live our lives. This transformation can happen in two ways; consciously or unconsciously. To be clear, let’s define what those mean.

Consciously:Characterized by or having an awareness of one’s environment and one’s own existence, sensations and thoughts. To be  alert & awake, intentionally conceived or done; deliberate

Unconsciously: Lacking awareness and the capacity for perception; not conscious. Occurring in the absence of conscious awareness or thought. Without conscious control; involuntary or unintended

Think of a moment that was pivotal in your life thus far to use as a landmark (i.e. achieve degree, meet your partner, children, large life events). Now picture what was happening in your life at that time; what you liked to do, what you felt like, who you hung out with, what you invested your time into, ect…


Between that moment and right now, during those years that have passed, many amazing things have happened, but truthfully, just as many events have happened that we try to shade from our mind to protect ourselves from feeling those feelings again because our brain is very, very talented at finding ways to shelter us from discomfort. Within most of the uncomfortable situations we face throughout life – whether they are little ones that last a few moments, or longer ones that could last a long time – lies opportunity for CHANGE. The change is not automatic; you have to reflect and become CONSCIOUSLY aware of the situation you find yourself in to extract the lessons you were designed to learn. If there is pain associated with the event, that is a BIG signal for you to learn from that time…


is this how your mind interpreted the stack of letters above?

We want to avoid pain as much as possible in our lifetime, and the best way you can prepare yourself to do that is to become aware of what you can control to not make the same result/mistake/situation occur again. If you do not learn from the event and continue to feel that pain (whether it is physical, emotional, mental, or social), feelings of bitterness, resentment, like the odds are against you, and that everyone else is an asshole will continually suck the majority of your energy, causing you to continually repeat in that cycle of pain and displeasure.

The good news is that YOU can throw a wrench in that cycle at any time you desire. You must practice becoming CONSCIOUSLY aware of the UNCONSCIOUS behaviors that are leading you down a life path you really don’t want to walk down anymore. Once you are ready to make that switch, you are ready to stop being a Caterpillar and begin your journey as a Butterfly.

If you want to spread your wings to fly, you first must begin by opening your mind to the possibility that YOU CAN… which means squashing that statement above Growth and Change are two of the components of a Full & Fulfilling Life


Your potential is limited only by the thoughts, actions, behaviors & situations you believe to be true. You have the ability to sift through your experiences and extract the ones that help you support what is DESIRED. It can be challenging, unknown, scary, and heck, maybe even a little bit overwhelming at times… but within that momentary discomfort is the golden egg you have been wanting to find and crack open…

That golden egg represents your opportunity to be even more great than you imagined. To take on challenges you deemed too large or scary previously. To expose yourself to fear that takes you just to the edge of feeling alive…

Why you ask?

To help you spread your wings so wide that YOU can soar to take on anything within your vision and to NOT be weighed down by negative or inhibiting thoughts… Don’t live your entire life as the caterpillar; EVOLVE into the butterfly and keep on flyin’!

Thank you for your time and energy today, I hope this can be of service to you… If you liked what you read, PLEASE share it with someone in your life who may need a little nudge to begin (or continue) their own transformation…aren’t we all!?

Wishing You Great Health & Happiness,

Coach Sean

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