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6 of my Favorite High Reward, Yet Ass-Kicking Workouts

Sometimes the best training sessions are the ones that weren't planned. Preparing with a direct warm-up, focus, and program can be brain-tiring & energy consuming, sometimes even taking the excitement out of a solid workout (maxed out brain = can't focus on movement). That's why the fitness community is so great, we love to share!… Continue reading 6 of my Favorite High Reward, Yet Ass-Kicking Workouts

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Why is it So Hard to Lose Weight During the Winter? (Your Genetics are Guilty)

2018  is in full effect, and with that, the steam from starting your New Years Resolution goals are ready for another boost of motivation and vigor. By definition, a resolution is, "A FIRM DECISION TO DO OR NOT DO SOMETHING; THE ACTION OF SOLVING A PROBLEM, DISPUTE, OR CONTENTIOUS MATTER".  Eating healthier, starting to exercise,… Continue reading Why is it So Hard to Lose Weight During the Winter? (Your Genetics are Guilty)

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Move + Breathe – Stress = Freedom (Part 2)

Welcome back for Part 2 of; Move + Breathe - Stress = Freedom. Last time, you learned how simple and soft movement can totally overhaul your feelings throughout the day. Now, you have the second part of this powerful equation to reduce your levels of perceived stress, while boosting your overall life force and ability to… Continue reading Move + Breathe – Stress = Freedom (Part 2)

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T³ #012: Failing to Prepare = Preparing to Fail (Not Anymore!)

This Week on Trail Tip Thursday… After a short break for the holidays, welcome back to this weeks T³! I hope after last week, you made the inexpensive yet powerful investment in a foam roller to prepare your body for a run or training session. Or maybe you have used one to speed up recovery… Continue reading T³ #012: Failing to Prepare = Preparing to Fail (Not Anymore!)

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Run Like a Gazelle With These 5 Super Supplements

-- Fuel your body without having to digest food, meaning more energy for your legs -- Improve performance without drugs (or superpowers) & -- Enjoy the run 10x more because you can smile and breathe easily instead of scouring and sucking wind through a straw

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T³ #009: Underdress So You Don’t Overheat

This Week on Trail Tip Thursday… With the colder weather approaching rapidly, adding hats, gloves, jackets, and scarves to your outfit is a necessity to stay warm battling the elements. Bunding up all nice and toasty is great for driving, running errands, or playing in the snow; you should NEVER be too old to make… Continue reading T³ #009: Underdress So You Don’t Overheat